They Caught Him! Court Finds Obama Guilty Of…WHOA!

Mr. “Hope and Change” may want to get himself a lawyer, since his shenanigans during his two-term con job as president in America have come to an end.

Barack Obama can’t hide behind Donald Trump’s imaginary Russian collusion any longer. Obama’s sins have found him out and are about to be displayed for all the world to see!

Federal Judge Rosemary Collyer has castigated Barack Obama and his intelligence service agencies for violating the Fourth Amendment rights of Americans, by illegally spying on them for political reasons.

From Right Wing News:

While everyone is talking about how terrible and “sketchy” things they think Trump has done, I think it’s important to discuss the illegal things President Obama did.

Why is this important? Because it involves everyone in the United States, and not some liberal conspiracy theory that Trump may or may not have done something with Russia.

Recently declassified documents from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court show that American intelligence agencies violated the 4th Amendment by spying on the American people illegally.

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In a 99-page opinion, Judge Rosemary Collyer berated the Obama administration for failing to obey laws that protect the privacy of the American people, such as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

From Breitbart:

Collyer declared that the previous administration’s cavalier violations of Section 702’s requirements created “a very serious Fourth Amendment issue.”

Collyer sharply criticized the National Security Agency’s inspector general and the NSA’s Office of Compliance for Operations for their “institutional ‘lack of candor,’” signaling that in addition to ignoring legal constraints, the Obama administration was not being honest with the court about its violations of federal law.

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It’s way past time for Barack Obama and his deep state minions to be brought before the people, face the music, and answer for their crimes THAT WE ALL KNOW THEY’RE GUILTY OF!

No other president in US history has violated the law as flagrantly as Barack Obama has. He was an embarrassment to the good name of patriotic Americans everywhere.

Indeed, the very definition of treason should include the name and photograph of Barack Obama!

Source: Right Wing News

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