These Patriots Said HECK NO! Anti-Trump, Anti-Border Protesters SHUT DOWN With…WOW!

Mention President Trump and his agenda and the topic of the border wall with Mexico is bound to be one of the first components of that agenda mentioned. It has ignited such fierce opposition from the left that you would think its purpose must be to commit genocide or some equally horrific crime.

Instead, its purpose is to reduce crime, as in the crime of illegal immigration and the crime of drug trafficking. There is no effort to eliminate legal immigration, and trade in legal merchandise can continue unimpeded. But none of that matters to the open border advocates who want anyone and anything from Mexico to be able to flow into the US without restriction.

When a group of wall protesters gathered just south of the border to host a concert to oppose President Trump as well as the wall’s construction, they were met by patriotic Americans on the north side who set up their boomboxes to blast patriotic music in the direction of the protest.

“On Saturday a group of open border advocates led by international socialists from Dresden, Germany organized an anti-Trump protest concert on the border with Mexico.

“Trump supporters met them on the US side of the border and BLASTED Patriotic songs across the border to drown out the leftists.”

This is just what is needed. These loony leftists who want to destroy our border, and our nation as a result, must be confronted every time they advocate for illegal causes such as sanctuary cities and violations of immigration laws. It’s just that simple.

Apparently, the organizer of the anti-Trump forces had originally hope to have demonstrations at numerous places along the border. He had to settle for one small concert as his grandiose plans fizzled. Even that turned about to be a flop when patriotic Americans decided they’d had enough.

“The 10 patriots on the US side, many retired and carrying signs and equipment, had to walk three miles round-trip to reach the protest site, because the main road was still closed due to recent flooding. They blasted patriotic songs on loud speakers and set off sirens during the protest concert.”

You can enjoy the show yourself by watching this video.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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