WHOA! The Real Story Comes Out About Hillary’s Infamous Fainting Episode — This Does Not Disappoint!

Recall Hillary’s health being in question during the duration of the 2016 presidential campaign?

We recall one instance where she keeled over in public and had to be shoveled into a van and hurried away. The official story was that she just got overheated or something, but no one with the capacity for independent thought could have believed that one. The woman was clearly ill. The question was with what was she afflicted, and would it prevent her from serving as president.

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We now learn that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia, and that Huma Abedin hid this fact from the rest of the campaign staff resulting in Hillary being pushed to perform beyond her physical capability at the time.

Huma, herself, was already embroiled in her own controversy with her estranged husband, Anthony Wiener, yet Clinton kept her on the campaign. This may have turned out to be one of Hillary’s biggest mistakes.

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The U.K. Independent reported that “Clinton agonized over removing Abedin from the campaign’s center, despite the absolute necessity of doing so, due to Abedin’s unrivaled loyalty to her, and an ‘almost maternal compassion’ Clinton felt for Abedin.” We’re not sure Hillary is capable of compassion, but let’s not argue that point right now.

So know we know what caused the public fainting spell. Hillary had pneumonia and Huma kept it a secret. In fact, it was this closeness that caused Abedin to be the only one who knew that Clinton’s health had taken a turn for the worse. Abedin knew but kept the doctor’s diagnosis a secret from the rest of the campaign advisers, which led to the infamous fainting spell.

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The whole thing now makes sense. Due to Huma’s withholding this diagnosis, “no one stopped Hillary from intense debate preparation and then attendance of a Sept. 11 memorial service, which made Clinton stagger and faint on the way to her car, giving (Republican nominee Donald) Trump political meat to question her fitness for office. The campaign team misled the press in their initial response because Abedin hadn’t properly briefed their spokespeople, and not for the first time.”

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While we are clearly no fans of Hillary Clinton, nor Huma Abedin for that matter, Huma was utterly derelict in her responsibilities to the candidate, and has something worse happened should have been the one onwhom the blame should have fallen.

On the other hand, Huma turned out to be a detriment to Hillary’s campaign, and likely contributed to her loss. Maybe we should send her a thank you card.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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