The Disturbing Reason Why Obama Won’t Fight ISIS Revealed…And It Is Terrifying!

The day rapidly approaches when Mr. Obama will fade from the news.  In fact, it’s happening already, and it’s a joy to behold.  Mr. Trump is so busy that reporters who feel much more comfortable with Obama are being forced to cover Donald Trump.  Must be agony for them.

This does not mean that Mr. Obama’s ability to inflict further damage on America or its allies has ended.  Not at all.  It’s just that his time for doing so is drawing to a close.

Even though his time to institute new programs to radically change America’s culture and system of laws is about to end, what he has put in place or allowed to happen over the years needs to be eradicated by Mr. Trump.

One of Obama’s most dangerous failings involves his handling of ISIS, and it may stem from his dangerous state of mind.  We explore this below:

“Andrew G. Hodges is a forensic profiler who was previously an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Alabama School of Medicine.”

Regarding Mr. Obama’s state of mind, Hodges says, “America’s current president is leading us ever so certainly into a worsening crisis that will encourage future attacks by ISIS. In order to learn why, we must appreciate two basic subconscious mechanisms – denial and projection – and Barack Obama’s own unconscious mind will take us to the heart of who he is and reveal his deepest motivations regarding the Islamic State.”

From that frightening point, Dr. Hodges discusses Mr. Obama’s “denial and projection,” and concludes his interview by saying “Look at the basic facts. Virtually everyone is hyper-conscious about the threat of ISIS – everyone but Obama. But he remains the emperor with no warrior clothes while only his indoctrinated supporters pretend otherwise. Another denial and projection provides an important clue to his passivity and secret enabling. He said about the recent attacks, ‘The most powerful tool we have is to say we are not afraid.’ His conscious message is ridiculous alluding to the fact he does nothing but talk. Weapons – not words – are the most powerful defense we have now. But reading through his key denial confession, ‘we are not afraid,’ Obama admits he’s secretly terrified of ISIS and can’t take action. Deep down, he’s so frightened he cannot even utter the name ‘Islamic terrorists.’”

Over the years we’ve been exposed to numerous theories to explain why Obama has so often acted in ways that endanger this country.  Most have been based on the idea that he has an agenda for this country, one that is contrary to its traditions, culture, and Constitution, and one that he is pursuing incrementally so it’s not noticed.

But the theory that Dr. Hodges proposes – that he is mentally unbalanced is even more scary.  It means that potentially a man who is not capable emotionally of performing the responsibilities of president has been at the helm for eight years.  In that case, we should be thankful beyond measure that our country has survived this presidency.

Source: Proud Conservative

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