Texas Just Dropped The Sledgehammer Of Justice On Sanctuary Sheriffs! Every State Should Do This Too!

We must be clear. “Sanctuary cities” are nothing more than vehicles for promoting illegal immigration. In establishing them, local officials act in rebellion against legitimate federal laws and their enforcement.

It is almost inconceivable that local law enforcement authorities would obstruct federal officers in removing from their communities those who broke the law to get there. Yet that is just what we are seeing, not surprisingly in some of the most liberal cities of America.

But perhaps not for long, at least in Texas. The legislature there just passed a law jailing sanctuary sheriffs who obstruct federal law enforcement. And the governor is expected to sign the measure.

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Texas is looking better all the time. The passage of the law targeting “sanctuary sheriffs” is designed to put an end to this nonsense of local law enforcement acting to shield illegal aliens from federal authorities.

House Administration Committee Chairman Charlie Geren explains: “The purpose of this legislation is to protect Texans from criminals who are here illegally. We are trying to make sure those bad actors are detained until we can determine their status. This bill will not affect law abiding citizens, only those that are in trouble with the police.”

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In other words, those who are citizens of the U.S. as well as aliens who are here legally have nothing to worry about, as it should be. “Texas Governor Greg Abbott has steadfastly said that he would sign the bill and has pushed for its passage. It would go into effect on September 1.”

Not surprisingly, the “sanctuary sheriffs” and their supporters are outraged.

Harris County Sheriff Gonzalez “reportedly told those gathered at the rally [opposing this legislation] that Senate Bill 4 will make local communities more dangerous and is bad public policy.”
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This is a new take on law-enforcement. Demanding that local officials not obstruct federal authorities as they arrest law-breakers is somehow bad policy that makes communities more dangerous?
This passage of this bill is the culmination of months of acrimonious debate between those who support open immigration and those who want secure borders and our immigration laws enforced as written. Texas has set the example that the rest of the nation needs to follow.
Source: Breitbart
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