Texas Just Dropped Hammer Of Humiliation On Sanctuary City Fools

The battle over immigration policy is far from over, although those who support secure borders and the enforcement of our immigration laws have picked up some powerful allies in President Trump and Governor Abbot of Texas.

But even with their support there remain liberal influences in the court system that are determined to block the enforcement of these laws and the securing of our nation.

Recall that President Trump issued an executive order to block funding to states that permit sanctuary cities – locations where local law enforcement will not cooperate with federal immigration authorities in the identification and arrest of illegal immigrants.

Shortly after that order was issued, a federal court issued a ruling blocking its implementation, meaning that federal funds can still flow to jurisdictions that are in rebellion against federal laws.

As this matter is being litigated, states are filing “amicus briefs” with the court in support of President Trump’s original executive order.

Texas is one of those states seeking to overturn the decision that has blocked Mr. Trump’s order.

“Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton recently announced that Texas will join 10 other states’ decision to file an amicus curiae brief fighting a recent court ruling on President Trump’s ‘sanctuary cities’ executive order, Breitbart News reports.

“An amicus brief is employed when a third party, not directly involved with the case of interest, requests the court’s permission to submit an argument with the intention of influencing the judiciary’s subsequent decision.”

Blocking the implementation of President Trump’s order is absurd and works against the safety of the American people.

Such an action is simply an effort to support the liberal goal of open borders and the destruction of traditional American culture, while pouring potential Democratic voters into the country.

“Paxton told Breitbart, ‘President Trump’s Executive Order is fully constitutional and a large step toward public safety. If law enforcement authorities have policies of not cooperating with federal immigration authorities, dangerous criminals will unlawfully remain in the country, travel freely between states and continue to evade the justice system. Governments have a duty to protect their citizens — it is imperative that we honor federal laws and cooperate with ICE detainers to keep our communities safe.'”

If we are fortunate enough to have Donald Trump as our president for a full eight years, he will be able to leave his mark on the federal judiciary by the appointment of judges who do not have to be battled just to get decisions based on a proper understanding of our Constitution as opposed to one based on whatever the liberals want it to mean at any particular time.

Source: Daily Caller

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