They Caught Him! Texas Police Make Major Arrest

In third-world countries, if an American gets arrested, convicted, and sentenced to prison (which is almost guaranteed), that American can expect to be tortured beyond imagining.

If illegal immigrants break into America, commit crimes of violence and then get convicted, they may or may not go to prison, depending on the judge presiding. They more than likely will get deported after receiving kid-glove treatment, a stern warning, and a pat on the head – only to return and do it all over again, multiple times.

The case of 23-year-old Salvadoran illegal immigrant, Luis Alberto Perez-Portillo aptly illustrates that point. Perez-Portillo is a convicted sex offender who molested a child in April, was deported in May and by June was back to try it all over again. He would have too if he hadn’t been arrested for illegally re-entering the country!


Breitbart explains:

Luis Alberto Perez-Portillo, a 23-year-old Salvadoran, was arrested in the Rio Grande Valley region by Texas police. Perez-Portillo was deported less than a month ago on May 19.

In April, Perez-Portillo was charged and convicted on two counts of indecent behavior with a minor in the state of North Carolina. Soon after, he was deported.

On June 9, Perez-Portillo told police he illegally re-entered the U.S. near Hidalgo County, Texas. The criminal illegal alien is being held without bond on charges for re-entering the country.

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These are the kinds of people that bleeding-heart liberals want to protect with their sanctuary cities and anti-immigration law enforcement ordinances.

These are illegals who’re already criminals in the countries they came from, mind you. Not just because they broke our immigration laws by sneaking across the border. They’re rapists, murderers, and drug smugglers. The people we put in prison for a long time if they happen to be American citizens.

What is the solution? Build the wall, post armed guards on the border with real big ammunition and SHUT DOWN THE REVOLVING DOOR. PERIOD!

Source: Breitbart

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