They Caught Him! What 1 Texas Man Was Smuggling Over To China, Russia Will Keep You Up At Night

There are plenty of crimes going on inside our borders to merit the $93B a year spent on our prison systems, amounting to about $300 per citizen of the US per year to pay for it. They can, of course, be anything from simple theft or battery to a host of violent crimes. White collar crimes as well typify a growing bevy of activity that is permeating the legal system.

Just this past month, Indian-American Sridevi Aiyaswamy, owner of Strataserv was indicted for falsifying immigrations and naturalization paperwork and forms in order get ahead of her competition and bring illegals into the country by guaranteeing work that wasn’t there. This is one of thousands of examples of white collar crime going on in the country.

A white collar crime of a different nature has recently occurred; one that has the ramifications of possible espionage committed against the United States. Texas business owner, Peter Zuccarelli, has been charged with exporting highly technical electronic parts to both China and Russia!

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The Daily Caller:

A Texas man pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiring to smuggle equipment used in military and space technology to China and Russia, according to a Department of Justice (DOJ) statement.

Peter Zuccarelli, 62, is charged with smuggling and exporting radiation hardened integrated circuits (RHICs) out of the United States without a license for use in Chinese and Russian space programs. He admitted to lying to U.S. suppliers that his company American Coating Technologies was the final destination for the RHICs when he had actually received funds to purchase and ship them overseas.

RHICs are used in satellites and other space technology to shield complicated equipment from radiation in low earth orbit (LEO).

“In furtherance of the conspiracy, Zuccarelli’s co-conspirator received purchase orders from customers seeking to purchase RHICs for use in China’s and Russia’s space programs,” the DOJ statement reads. “Zuccarelli received these orders from his co-conspirator, as well as payment of approximately $1.5 million to purchase the RHICs for the Chinese and Russian customers.”

Upon receiving the RHICs, Zuccarelli repackaged them and declared them as “touch screen parts,” successfully sending at least one shipment overseas. During the course of the investigation, Zuccarelli also falsified paperwork and made false statements. He faces up to 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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The fact that such a seemingly lenient sentence has been levied is, thankfully, most likely due to the fact that both Russia and China could purchase these specialized integrated circuits elsewhere, but it does raise the question about many of our military and government secrets being traded and bartered for by unsavory characters who have access to things they should not.

Mr. Zuccarelli, who is 62-years-old will still be relatively young if he serves the full five years, but perhaps the fine should be a bit stiffer for those who decide that the United States is not really where they hang their hat. Maybe, if everything is supposedly bigger in Texas, this sentence should match the crime.

Source: The Daily Caller

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