BOOM! Texas Governor Just Dropped MEGA Bombshell On Sanctuary Cities…Liberals In MASSIVE Meltdown!

Under the leadership of Mr. Obama, we actually had local law enforcement agencies working at direct cross purposes with federal law enforcement agencies. Not only was this a terrific waste of money and resources, but imagine the impact this must have had on law enforcement officers. Forgive a bit of oversimplification, but even though they have different areas of responsibility, all our law enforcement personnel and departments should be on the same team, pulling in the same direction, right?

Not so with Obama. His problem was that he wanted open borders and zero enforcement of the immigration laws in order to pour prospective Democratic voters into the US. So, in what we had come to expect of this man, he tried to work around the laws, ostensibly claiming to support the border control agents while actually undermining them.

This can be seen in what came to be called “sanctuary cities.” These are essentially cities that have chosen to give illegal immigrants refuge from capture and deportation by federal authorities. In other words, the cities’ governments themselves set up illegal procedures to assist illegal immigrants in committing illegal acts. And all of this was okay with Mr. Obama. Not so anymore. And even before Mr. Trump has a chance to address this issue, the governor of Texas is already taking action.

The capital of Texas, Austin, is located in Travis County. The sheriff of that county recently announced that she is going to reduce cooperation with federal authorities as relates to illegal immigrants. In other words, she intends to make that county a “sanctuary city,” or actually a “sanctuary county” in this case.

News reports reveal that, “Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez announced last week she’s scaling back the amount of aid her department provides federal immigration agents in detaining suspects who might be in the country illegally, according to the Austin American-Statesman.”

This is the sanctuary city model in action. Her problem is that the governor is not going to put up with it. His reply to her defiance of the law? “[Governor] Abbott responded to the announcement, tweeting his office ‘will cut funding for Travis County adopting sanctuary policies.’” And further, that, “’Stiffer penalties coming,’ Abbott’s tweet said.”

The governor is taking a stand for the enforcement of the law, which is his job, after all. Sadly enough, the sheriff is obstructing the enforcement of the law. She should be removed from office.

Regardless of whatever her plans were, her defiance has just cost her county a bunch of money. So she’ll have to mend her ways, or Travis County will have to continue its obstruction of justice on a reduced budget.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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