After Days Of Silence, Texas Drops Shocking Admission On Who’s To Blame For Semi-Trailer Deaths

With a massive decrease in illegal aliens jumping the Mexican-U.S. border since the Trump administration went live on January 20th of this year, those seeking safe havens in America are turning to the Fake News Industrial Complex for their “facts” regarding so-called sanctuary cities.

Illegals are well aware that ICE agents have been on high alert at the borders and will detain and jail or deport those apprehended; a far cry from the last eight years when Barack Hussein Obama himself gave a green light to illegals to jump the border. Those breaking federal immigration law have been seeking passage to so-called sanctuary cities in order to avoid the large presence at the border.

This practice has led this week to deadly results. A tractor trailer in a Walmart parking lot in Texas which had traveled over many hundreds of miles through searing heat was found to be a virtual deathtrap. The trailer was host to many illegal aliens. En route, at least ten of them died from heatstroke while others were admitted to the hospital! Now, Lt. Governor Patrick of Texas is blaming sanctuary cities for the deaths of these illegals, and here’s why!

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The Blaze:

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas slammed the sanctuary city policies of San Antonio for the horrific heatstroke deaths of illegal immigrants discovered Sunday at a Walmart parking lot.

He explained why he was blaming those policies to KVUE-TV, saying that people were drawn to illegally crossing in the U.S., believing there was an “oasis” waiting for them in sanctuary cities.

“It’s a humanitarian crisis and in my view, murder when you stuff people,” he said, “when it’s a hundred degrees or more in the back of a truck, and who knows how long they were in the back of that truck. I’ve always said, I’ve said this for years, no one should have to die to come to America.”

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Eight migrants were found dead in the sweltering trailer Sunday, while another two died after being found. The San Antonio fire chief said that dozens more were injured with some suffering “irreversible brain damage.”

“We need legal immigration reform,” Patrick continued. “That’s up to both parties in Washington [D.C.]. It has been for a very long time, so that people can come here in dignity.”

We need to control who comes here, but those who come here,” he concluded, “we want them to come here in dignity, not have to live in the shadows, and embrace our country.”

Truck driver James Matthew Bradley Jr., 60, told investigators that he had no idea there were dozens of illegal immigrants stuffed into the trailer. He could face the death penalty over the deaths that could have been easily prevented.

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Another part of this tragedy that makes this worse is that ICE agents have been focusing their efforts in sanctuary cities, so this push on the parts of these traffickers to take illegal aliens to these “safe havens” is ill-advised and probably purposefully deceptive.

With a renewed effort to break down these sanctuary city officials to begin following federal law, there may be a bunch of fights at the Department of Justice level, making Attorney General Jeff Sessions a very busy man in upcoming months.

Source:  The Blaze


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