Radical Muslim Terrorists Drop Horrifying Announcement On President Trump, America. They Are Planning To…WHOA!

Radical Muslim terrorists have one goal in mind: to destroy every other culture that does not support or obey their religion. They have no interest in assimilating; they have every interest in annihilating.

Because of their background in working to eliminate every human and country that refuses to bow down to their radical religious views, it comes as no surprise that their plan to force submission is through the use of physical force.

In this particular story, the Hassm Group, a radical terrorist group, has threatened both President Trump and America by “some kind of unspecified action.” It is believed that their plans are to hit either Americans touring in Egypt, or directly attack the U.S. Embassy in Egypt, located in Cairo.

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From Conservative Tribune:

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, which lies roughly 1,200 miles from the consulate compound in Benghazi, Libya, hit by a terror attack five years ago, issued a statement last Wednesday warning of a potential terror attack by an organization known as the Hassm Group.

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