You’ll Never Guess What Three Words From President Trump Has This Terrorist Shaking In His Boots!

When it occurs to you that high school students are too young to remember radical Islam hitting America in the 9/11 attacks, you realize how much time has past since this horrific event was brought to the front of the national consciousness. Of course, 9/11 wasn’t the beginning of the campaign of terror, as an attempt was made at the World Trade Center in 1993. Yet 9/11 will be remembered by those old enough to do so perhaps much the same as Pearl Harbor was remembered by an earlier generation.

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This is a tragic situation. We wish it were not so. But wishing is not going to solve the problem. Neither is appealing to the fact that there exist millions and millions of peaceful Muslims. They are not the problem, those who take the teachings of Islam and use them as justification for violence are. This is something President Trump has pointed out, and is reflected in his administration’s policies as just illustrated.

Iyman Faris is a Pakistani citizen who arrived in New York around 2002, and who came up with the idea of blowing up the Brooklyn Bridge. Previously he allegedly spent time in Afghanistan and became associated with al-Qaeda. Somehow he managed to acquire U.S. citizenship. Things worked out poorly for him when his plot was discovered and he found himself in prison.

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Demonstrating the change in approach to terrorists that President Trump has made, when Mr. Faris is paroled, he is unlikely to get the result he would prefer. “According to Washington Times, Trump has personally intervened after learning about the case by directing his Department of Justice to take swift action. Since that time, the Muslim has been slapped with three brutal words that he’ll likely never forget as the DOJ hopes to ‘revoke the naturalization’ of Faris and send him back to Pakistan.”

Whenever an ideology spreads in your culture that endorses violence as not only an acceptable, but honorable way of achieving its ends, your society is in danger. This is what we have with radical Islam. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact that is obvious to those who wish to look.

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So instead of spending his years free in America where he would no doubt draw government benefits, this is one terrorist who is likely to find himself on his way back to his home country.

Revoking someone’s naturalization, which essentially means stripping the person of citizenship, is a relatively rare procedure. When it comes to dealing with terrorists, let’s hope it is just one of many that President Trump discovers and uses.

Source: Mad World News

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