Ted Cruz Just Did Something Awesome, President Trump Is Applauding!

Conservatism has always been about limited government and maximum freedom for the individual. That means freedom from government intrusion into our private lives and the freedom to keep what we have honestly worked for and earned.

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Liberals, on the other hand, see big government and limited freedoms as the cure all for what ails society but usually, what ails society are the same things that liberals want to see more of. More government interference and higher taxes to provide more public assistance for the ever growing number of leeches wanting free handouts.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is a conservative who wants to make sure that those receiving public assistance in the form of SNAP benefits and unemployment aren’t using their benefits to supplement a drug habit.

According to Red State:

Ted Cruz continues to be one of the hardest working members in Congress.

In the last two weeks, [P]resident Trump has signed two bills into law from the firebrand from Texas.

Previously, President Trump signed a bill sponsored by Cruz that authorized $19.5 billion in funding for NASA.

The second bill signed into law last Friday allowed states to expand the number of applicants that can be drug tested that receive unemployment benefits.

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President Donald Trump on Friday signed legislation backed by two Texas Republicans that will allow states to expand the pool of applicants for unemployment benefits who can be drug tested.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Rep. Kevin Brady of The Woodlands, nullifies a Labor Department rule that went into effect in September limiting drug tests to applicants who had a job that does regular drug screenings.

Under the previous administration, the Department of Labor undermined the ability of states to conduct drug testing in their programs as permitted by Congress. This rule was yet another example of executive overreach by the Obama administration, and I commend President Trump for signing this resolution into law.

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President Trump has made it a high priority in his administration to reduce government expenditures and route out waste. One of the best ways to achieve that is to find those people who are abusing the system by receiving assistance and then using the money to buy illegal drugs.

Ted Cruz’s bill will help solve those problems and help get America back to where we want it. In the “Great” column!

Source: Red State

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