WATCH: Ted Cruz Goes BALLISTIC…Brilliantly Slams Barack Obama On Live TV!

The Sunday morning news talk shows often summarize the past week’s political happenings, and take a look at what issues are likely to be at the front of the news in the weeks to come. Even with the liberal bias we’ve come to expect from the media, they really have no choice but to interview some conservatives as well. It’s just that the conservatives can expect to have to work a bit harder to make their points when interviewed by a media that is, by its own admission, overwhelming sympathetic to liberals and the left’s point of view.

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Hence, when someone like Ted Cruz appears on a program like “Face the Nation,” you can be rather sure that it’s not going to be a laid-back, smooth interview. And his recent appearance on that program bore that out very clearly.

The tensions were raised when, “Texas Sen. Ted Cruz recently appeared on ‘Face The Nation’ to discuss the wiretapping allegations with host John Dickerson — allegations the senator thought needed to be ‘looked into seriously.’ When Dickerson suggested that the allegations that Obama allowed such egregious behavior to take place shouldn’t be believed, Cruz aptly responded that it wouldn’t have been the first time.”

You can watch the interview here:

This is where things get uncomfortable for those on the left. If there is evidence that Mr. Obama acted unethically, if not illegally, the natural tendency is to try to cover it up or move on to a different subject. But that’s not what happened this time.

Cruz continued with some inconvenient facts. ‘You know, I will point out this is not necessarily as outlandish as everyone in the press suggests,’ Cruz explained.’We do know that the Obama administration targeted their political enemies.’ For example, Cruz said, it was no secret that Obama’s IRS targeted conservative citizens who were outspoken defenders of the the Constitution and critics of Obama.”

Senator Cruz also brought up the inconvenient revelation of questionable FISA applications: “‘We do know or at least it’s been publicly reported that there were two FISA applications for some form of surveillance or wiretaps, one of which was turned down by the FISA court of the Obama administration, one of which was granted,’ the senator explained. ‘I think it’s important to learn a little more detail as to what was contained in those FISA applications and I think the investigations will bring that out.'”

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As mentioned before, the more the Democrats push for investigations, the more they risk opening up issues that backfire. Have they forgotten so quickly that their candidate for president was Hillary Clinton? If they had any sense, they’d spend their time on issues other than trying to invent or unearth questionable scandals. Mrs. Clinton has plenty of real once just begging for investigation.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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