Did You Know Your Taxpayer Dollars Brainwash Your Children? Look At Latest Muslim Propaganda Move!

With the left firmly in control of the public schools, and with its virulent opposition to mingling church and state, there’s no need to worry about religious indoctrination in our schools, right? Wrong. 

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While Christianity will be nowhere to be found, the same cannot be said of Islam. The strategy is to use curriculum, ostensibly designed to teach students about other cultures, as a subterfuge to indoctrinate them with radical Muslim teachings. It’s an absolute outrage that should have parents flooding school board meetings and supporting Christian law firms as they sue the daylights out of everyone involved with this offense.

It isn’t bad enough that we, the taxpayers, are paying the salaries of teachers to indoctrinate our students, as well as paying for the curriculum that is used. We’re also paying for the development of that very curriculum. How? Would you believe that the Public Broadcasting System is using your money to develop the curriculum used to promote radial Islam?

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Here’s what’s going on. PBS, which receives approximately 13 percent of its annual budget from the federal government, has spent over $100 million of your tax dollars over the past two years with a portion of those funds going to a shocking lesson plan on Islam.”

This gets even worse. In fact, the contents of this garbage is sickening. “According to Breitbart, the PBS lesson plan causing such outrage shows kids how to empathize with radical Jihadists by teaching them how to understand why young Palestinian terrorists want to become suicide bombers in order to achieve martyrdom.”

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No, you do not teach young children to somehow empathize or identify with other children who are victims of a violent ideology that prompts those children to commit murder through suicide. If you do, you should be fired.

As if that’s not enough, here is another example of what our children are being taught using our tax dollars. “The shocking curriculum titled ‘Dying to Be a Martyr’ is a multimedia lesson plan available free of charge to teachers and students at PBS Learning Media, according to Justin Haskins at the Heartland Institute. The lesson utilizes videos titled ‘Martyrdom,’ ‘Suicide Bombing,’ and ‘Israel and Palestine,’ in addition to internet sites and primary sources. The claimed purpose of the radical Islamic indoctrinating lesson is to ‘examine the roots of the Middle East conflict.'”

Of course this is all lies. The purpose of this abomination is not to “examine the roots of the Middle East conflict.” That’s just a ruse to make it sound nice. The purpose is to teach young children that it’s okay for Islamic terrorists to commit mass murder via suicide bombings.

Once again, parents must storm the school-board meetings in outrage, and if that doesn’t work, support the filing of lawsuits to stop what these people are doing to our children.

Source: Mad World News

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