GUILTY! Guess Who Just Got Caught With A Hand In The Taxpayer Cookie Jar?

When it comes to government employees, the problem has always been that there are way too many of them. The government is great at hiring people to keep the myriad positions filled for any number of jobs that comes along. They aren’t always very good at choosing wisely.

Along with a top heavy account of government workers, they also have a huge issue in keeping an eye on these employees. With the amount of money that passes hands in the government bureaucracies, from local, county, and state all the way up to the federal level, it’s no wonder that there is so much fraud, abuse, waste and corruption.

A former Arkansas county worker has been caught doing just that: defrauding the taxpayer out of loads of money using a credit card owned by the county and racking up an outlandish $200K for personal use! Now she’s about to face the music and pay the piper!

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The Blaze:

A former administrative assistant to an Arkansas county official pleaded guilty Monday to fraudulently using the county’s credit card for personal items, including a tuxedo for her dog.

According to The Associated Press, authorities said Kristi Lyn Goss, 44, fraudulently charged nearly $200,000 of personal expenses to a Garland County credit card. Items included dog tuxedo for her pet pug, as well as a diamond bracelet, tickets to sporting events, throw pillows, pet insurance, and personal bill payments.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported that Garland County Comptroller Susan Ashmore discovered discrepancies last year after Goss failed to pay county bills on time. Officials found the personal purchases charged to the card.

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Goss was employed by Garland County from 2004 until she was terminated in June of last year, after the fraud allegations came to light.

The AP reported that a gag order prevents attorneys from speaking about the case publicly.

Goss is scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 22.

This is a simple matter of one government employee having way too much authority and not enough oversight. When you think about the amount of money that is paid to the government every year, you never stop for a moment to realize that the average person pays more in taxes every year than they do for food and clothing combined!

It’s time for government to be more careful and ensure that wisdom is used in the hiring process. Filling the position should come second to a great candidate.

Source: The Blaze

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