What In Tarnation? She Said This? Nancy Pelosi’s Slur Fest Over Obamacare Repeal Goes VIRAL!

In a perverse sort of way, Nancy Pelosi is an asset to the conservative cause. Her belligerence and bold proclamation of absurdities in an increasingly incoherent manner do nothing to promote the dignity or even legitimacy of the policies of the Democratic Party.

To put it bluntly, the woman is a buffoon. She struggles to make coherent statements let alone cogent arguments, and often resorts to just blurting out phrases during interviews in order to fill the time allotted for what might have been hoped was an intelligent comment.

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Her speech regarding the Republican passage of legislation in the House to repeal and replace Obamacare is a perfect example of why she is such an asset to the conservative cause, and an embarrassment to the Democrats. Once again, she proves how right President Trump is, and that his new healthcare legislation is a win for all Americans.

As minority leader, Mrs. Pelosi employs a substantial staff. You would think someone would come up with some talking points for the woman so she doesn’t make a fool out of herself during interviews. Just trot her out there, give her what to say, and get it over with. You certainly don’t want her to speak off the cuff.

For whatever reason, that’s not happening. Hence she often just babbles, sometimes giggly through the interview like a middle-school girl.

Here’s a sample of what the woman who would love to be Speaker of the House again had to say in the aftermath of the House’s vote to repeal Obamacare.

“Trumpcare means heart-stopping premium increasing for anything from asthma to cancer and the list goes on — on the alphabet,” Pelosi said with her lip curling up like Elvis Presley.

“The fight against Trumpcare is a fight for children,” Pelosi said moments later. “You’ve heard me — many of you talk about (inaudible) Zoe Madison Lynn.”

Pelosi struggled to speak off the top of her head.

“Under Trumpcare,” she said before looking at her notes, “uh, has put Zoe’s future at risk…”

Pelosi stumbled through an accusation that there would be a “crushing age tax. If you’re fif– fif– fifty to sixty-four.” [Source: The American Mirror]

If you want to suffer through the thing yourself, here it is.

What was that again, Mrs. Pelosi? Clearly you are in desperate need of cue cards or a teleprompter. Or perhaps you can just record the speech in advance and lip-sync to it as it’s played back during the interview.

There’s more, but we’ll spare you all but this comment: “‘So the– that– what 57– 60% public p– p– are against that,’ she continued to say while talking about past Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare. ‘So, they moved to the right and set – placed in jeopardy existing, I mean, the essential benefits package.'”

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Sure, Nancy, we get the point. It’s just not the one you want to convey. You’re borderline incoherent. Makes you wonder if the Republicans realize what an asset they have in her. Just keep Nancy talking on new interviews.

Source: Mad World News

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