You Are Not Going To Believe Who Is Targeting Border Patrol Agents! They Are Under Attack By…WHOA!

President Trump’s policy of keeping tighter controls around the border is seeing some very positive results, as Border Patrol agents are now able to actually enforce immigration laws, arrest smugglers,  incarcerate them, and seize their drug shipments.

This was something they were prevented from doing under the Obama administration, with his lax border enforcement and leniency towards drug cartels whose members, many times, were released immediately after being arrested.

But there is also a downside to cracking down on illegal activities at the border as well. The illegal immigrants and the criminal drug cartels are now willing to do whatever is necessary, including using deadly violence, in order to get themselves and their drugs across to do business in the US.

From Breitbart:

TUCSON, Arizona — Sinaloa Cartel-linked smugglers and migrants are growing more violent against U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Tucson sector as penalties for their crimes stiffen. Realizing that being caught now means almost certain prosecution and incarceration, the smugglers and migrants are increasingly becoming violent with Border Patrol agents in remote border regions in efforts to escape and evade justice.

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Border Patrol Agent Art Del Cueto, speaking to Breitbart Texas in his role as National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) spokesman, stated, “The smugglers are definitely becoming more violent with our agents. They now try to evade arrest and even use force to get away from us where during the Obama years they would joke with us and not mind being caught. They knew, back then, that they would get away with violating our laws.”

Agent Del Cueto continued, “We are talking about significant force and violence being used against our agents. Very recently, one smuggler slammed a large rock into the side of an agent’s head.”

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The growing violent tendencies are not limited to the cartel’s drug smugglers, according to Agent Del Cueto. “Even the illegal aliens who aren’t smuggling dope are growing more violent as they now face consequences for illegally entering. Before they would be let go the next day or so, now they face incarceration for illegally entering. They are willing to do anything possible to evade us.”

With the increased aggression levels on the part of the foreign nationals, the agents are forced to be on a higher alert level and willing to use a higher level of force to defend their lives. Agent Del Cueto stated, “It’s a concern because when we use force we are put under a microscope and everything we do is scrutinized by different investigative bodies. There was a culture of destroying the lives of Border Patrol agents during the past presidential administration and unfortunately, that culture hasn’t yet completely dissipated.”

Image result for border patrol agents attackedThough the Sinaloa Cartel or Federation controls the U.S.-Mexico border in this sector, the cartel is actually a collective of numerous regional criminal groups that simply operate under the banner of “Sinaloa Cartel.” The Tucson sector is largely controlled by two of such regional groups, Los Memos and Los Salazar. The groups are engaged in frequent clashes with each other and Los Salazar has begun using armed scouts to enter U.S. territory, according to sources in Border Patrol who asked to remain anonymous. One source told Breitbart Texas, “We have them on video with AK-47s, but we haven’t caught them. They most likely wouldn’t use them on random U.S. citizens, but have them for rip crews and to prevent Los Memos or U.S. gangs from stealing their drug loads. Be careful in the Huachuca Mountains right now.”

This escalation of violence comes as a result of Obama’s “accommodate everybody” policy, where he refused to enforce federal immigration and smuggling laws. He even encouraged criminals to violate them with his lawless attitude.

It didn’t take long for criminal gangs to begin using the advantage that Obama handed over to them free of charge, but now that Trump is running the show, the Mexican cartels will be on a war footing and appear to be ready to ramp up the violence at a moment’s notice.

We hope ICE and Border Patrol agents are equipped, armed, locked, and loaded!

Source: Breitbart

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