Taliban Tries To Kill General Mattis In Afghanistan, His Response Is Pure American Fire

A general once noted that you could always be sure that you were an effective leader when the enemy wants to put a bullet in your brain.

That sentiment has been true throughout our history. There is something to the idea that if you kill the leader, you kill the army.

In Quebec, when Americans were attempting to take that city from the British occupation back in 1775, the general in charge of the siege, Richard Montgomery, made it to the gates when a cannon blast beheaded him.

With the momentum gone, his army fell apart, with Benedict Arnold himself fighting his way to safety with a bullet wound to the thigh.

Secretary of Defense, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, in his trip to Afghanistan, must have had his tough reputation precede him.

Shortly after his plane landed at the airport, the Taliban fired two missiles toward Kabul International Airport, destroying one helicopter and damaging an airport hangar and three more choppers.

But they missed their primary target.

The Daily Caller:

“The Taliban claimed responsibility for an attack on Kabul International Airport Wednesday morning targeting Defense Secretary Jim Mattis who was making an unscheduled visit to Afghanistan.

Mattis had left the airport by the time the attack started, NBC News reports, and no casualties have been reported.

The airport said two missiles were fired toward the airport at around 11:00 a.m. local time, and the U.S. embassy warns that the attack may still be ongoing.

‘At 11.36 am two missiles were fired on Kabul International Airport from Deh Sabz district, damaging the air force hangers and destroying one helicopter and damaging three other helicopters, but there were no casualties,’ airport chief Yaqub Rassouli said according to USA Today.

While ISIS also claimed responsibility for the attack, that doesn’t necessarily mean the group had any involvement in carrying it out.

Mattis was holding a press conference away from the airport at the time of the attack, and told reporters that Afghan forces would strongly oppose the action.

If in fact there was an attack … his is a classic statement to what Taliban are up to,’ Mattis said.

‘If in fact this is what they have done, they will find Afghan security forces against them.’

You gotta love this guy’s resilience and courage. This is the same general who was asked by a reporter at a conference a few months ago:

“What keeps you up at night, Mr. Secretary?” His answer: “Nothing. I keep them up at night.”

Shortly after, while speaking to a press crowd, the Army Chief of Staff, General Mark A. Milley, reiterated that quote.

When asked the same question, “What keeps you up at night, General?” He responded, “Secretary Mattis.”

Sources: USA TodayThe Daily Caller

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