Rush Limbaugh Says That GOP Establishment Is Trying To “Take Out” President Trump — What Do You Think?

It appears that there is a vast chasm of understanding of today’s political realm between those who support Donald Trump, and those who are everyone else. The faux-Conservatives, the mainstream media, the Democrats, and the RINO Establishment are all in lockstep agreement: Donald Trump must be defeated.

What is particularly alien to both the Libearls and the RINOs is that Trump is not the issue. The issue has never been Trump. THE ISSUE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE SWAMP AND ITS COMPLETE DISREGARD FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Wake up, Swamp dwellers. The RINOs are just as culpable in the continuation of business as usual in Washington as the Leftists.

Rush Limbaugh, ever the Mayor of Realville, laid it on the line on his radio program this week. He called out the GOP and named them as the main culprits in attempting to take down President Trump through bad press and misdirection in their bid for inaction on Obamacare. Basically, the RINOs have punted on the Unaffordable Care Act…on purpose…in order to humiliate Trump.

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Political Insider:

Nationally syndicated conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh captured the fury of conservatives who watched Republicans kill efforts to repeal Obamacare, accusing the GOP of colluding with Democrats in trying to ‘take out’ President Trump.

After the Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) fell through on Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pressed for a straight repeal bill. That also fell through.

Three GOP senators refused to support repeal without replacement. This, despite the fact that the Senate – including two of the three Senators who are now opposed – passed a straight repeal bill in 2015.

Limbaugh shredded Republican lawmakers as being part of the “Washington establishment” that is plotting a “silent coup” to take out President Trump.

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Via the Blaze:

The radio host even went as far as to say that the election of Trump “has never been about” the president “unifying the Republican party in order to beat the Democrats.”

“That’s been the mistake,” Limbaugh said. “That’s not the fight here. The fight is Donald Trump and his cadre and you, the Trump base, versus the Washington establishment. It has always been that and nothing more.”

Later during the airing, Limbaugh doubled down on remarks that something nefarious is afoot within the “Washington establishment.”

“We’re in the midst of a silent coup,” he said. “These people are trying to take this president out. And everybody understands that.

“They are going to have to be defeated, not worked with,” Limbaugh implored. “There isn’t any cooperation.”

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The magic of the Establishment is that there are so many wrapped up in Operation Save the Swamp that it’s difficult to pinpoint who is to blame. The secret is, however, that the entire system is rigged to maintain the status quo. Trump represents to the Establishment the very worst fear that these bureaucrats could envision. And now the very worst fear is becoming the very real nightmare.

Trump is inundated with about as much negative press from every conceivable direction as any one person could be…and yet, he’s still in the Oval Office every day conducting business, writing policy, and pushing Congress to vote their constituents’ wishes. It’s about time they gave up this silly notion that they are in charge and realize that the American people are over them.

Source: Political Insider

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