Damning New Emails To Be Released On Benghazi! Barack, Hillary Are Sweating Bullets!

As if Barack Obama were not corrupt enough, he had to compound matters by appointing Hillary Clinton as his secretary of state. Right there was all the proof anyone needed that Mr. Obama’s claims of establishing a transparent administration were nothing but lies.

You do not bring a Clinton on board to promote ethics in government. You do so to accomplish a political goal when details like obeying the laws are not important.

Mr. Obama may soon regret that decision if he doesn’t already. A Judicial Watch lawsuit has resulted in a court order to the State Department to turn over Hillary’s emails relating to the Benghazi tragedy and Mr. Obama’s subsequent phone conversations with the leaders of Libya and Egypt. This could be crack that splits the corruption of the Obama/Clinton axis wide open for all to see.

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The court’s order is that the State Department “turn over to Judicial Watch ‘eight identical paragraphs’ of previously redact material in two September 13, 2012, Hillary Clinton emails regarding phone calls made by President Barack Obama to Egyptian and Libyan leaders immediately following the terrorist attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi.”

Note where these emails were stored: “Both emails had the subject line ‘Quick Summary of POTUS Calls to Presidents of Libya and Egypt’ and were among the emails stored on Clinton’s unofficial email server.”

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When Hillary admitted that she had used poor judgment in setting up that email server, she may not have realized when she said that just what a bad decision it really was. “The full emails may reveal what former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama knew about the September 11, 2012, terror attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi.”

Not only did the corruption begin with Obama and Hillary in their respective offices, but it continues today: “Does President Trump know his State and Justice Departments are still trying to provide cover for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “An extraordinary court ruling that could result in key answers about the Benghazi outrage is being opposed by the Trump administration.  This may well be an example of the ‘deep state’ trying to get away with a cover up – if so then the Trump administration must put a stop to it.”

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There are some friends and family members of those who lost their lives in Benghazi who would very much like to know what Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama knew. And so would the rest of us, including President Trump.

We know the corruption runs deep. What is needed is to find the right crack in the Obama and Clinton defenses that would shed light on their nefarious dealings. Then we might see some real justice.

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