BREAKING: A “Full-Blown” Investigation On Susan Rice Just Dropped! Guess Who Just Delivered The News?

Slowly but surely, although it is not our ideal timeframe, we will see Barack Obama and all of his followers be held accountable for their criminal activities. Rather, we would love to see all of these people behind bars RIGHT NOW, but sometimes justice takes a while in a fallen world such as ours.

However, it looks as though Barack Obama and his crony, former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, are getting one step closer to accountability.

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Both House and Senate Intelligence Committees are now adding Susan Rice’s inappropriate but alleged unmasking of Americans for the sake of political gain under what they call a “full-blown investigation.”

From Right Wing News:

Now the investigation being ran by the House and Senate Intelligence Committees are going from looking into things to turning this whole thing into a full blown investigation. They are planning to pull out ALL the stops.

They are dedicated to getting down to the bottom of Susan Rice’s alleged “unmasking” of U.S. persons who just so happen to be part of surveillance of foreign officials.

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We will be performing an accounting of all unmasking for political purposes focused on the previous White House administration. This is now a full-blown investigation,” the committee member said.

During the time that Rice was national security advisor, she reportedly made the requested the names of US persons who were associated with the Trump campaign. As we all know, incidentally, they just happened to be collected while being monitored by foreign officials. Then comes the ‘unmasking’. Rice’s behavior seemed to be focused on an attempt to unmask the Trump campaign officials for political purposes.

Most likely President Trump and the members of his family were also part of this ‘surveillance’ according to Fox, and House Intelligence Chairman, Devin Nunes, who is on a mission to review National Security Agencies and the White House files to get to the bottom of it all. He wants to figure out if information about the presidential candidates or members of Congress were also collected for political purposes.

Senate Intelligence Committee staffers have been said to also be investigating on whether or not presidential candidates were unmasked or not and further asking for the roles of those that were potentially involved with the unmasking. This is including Rice herself.

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It is wonderful that both our House and Senate committees are run by Republicans, who are more focused on seeking the truth instead of finding ways to protect their own from prosecution.

What this may mean is that Susan Rice could be subjected to a hearing in front of either or both House/Senate Intelligence committees. If that happens, grab your popcorn, because you will see justice!

Source: Right Wing News

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