SURPRISE! During Press Conference, Obama Just Dropped An Atomic Bomb…Americans Are STUNNED, SPEECHLESS!

Barack Obama isn’t satisfied with riding off into the sunset after President-elect Trump takes over today per the will of the majority of American voters. Even though we’re ready for him to go away and play golf or polish his self-awarded medals and trophies, if he has anything to say about it, he’ll insert himself back into our lives as soon as he possibly can.

Obama and Trump supporters

Obama loves the limelight and the attention, and he especially loves preaching to the rest of us how wonderful he, his ideas, and his religion are.

It even looks like he may be considering running for another political office after his time as president is over.

From Mad World News:

Barack Obama held his final press conference today, shocking Americans as he threatened to do one thing in the future. No other past president has ever threatened to do this, and his minions are cheering as conservatives freak out. This guy just won’t go away for good.

Obama loves press conferences. The mainstream media treat him like a god, asking ridiculous softball questions in their mutual love fest. Today was no different, and Obama laid it on thick, getting his digs in on Donald Trump and those who voted for him.

But, one question toward the end of the presser is making headlines, and it’s going to make you feel sick. According to the New York Times, reporter Janna Rodriguez asked, “And what did you mean when you said you would come back? Would you lobby congress? Maybe explore the political arena again?”

Obama answered, “Well, let me be clear. I did not mean I would be running for anything anytime soon.” Never has a president not completely ruled out ever running for office again. It’s unheard of to have a past president hold an office of any kind ever again. How could he not completely rule out that he would never run for office again? It’s shocking and scary.

You can watch his entire press conference here:

The implication is that he isn’t finished making his mark on the world. By the way, as he has ingratiated himself to the United Nations by allowing the UN vote against Israeli settlements in Jerusalem to pass, he may be considering becoming the Secretary General of the United Nations. Or, he may just go ahead and skip to being the emperor of the world.

His ego knows no boundaries!

Source: Mad World News

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