Look What Supreme Court Just Took Away From Travel Ban Judges, Liberals Are Boiling Mad

You have to wonder if President Trump realized in advance how much trouble he was going to have in enforcing the nations’ laws. After all, that is the job of the executive branch, and he is the head of it. The laws he is having problems enforcing are straightforward, so where’s the problem?

Of course the problem exists in a judicial system that has two divisions. One believes in interpreting and implementing the law as originally intended. And the other believes in interpreting the law relative to changing cultural norms, or perhaps as relates to new developments in jurisprudence in other nations.

The tragic result is that cases are decided in part by the judge who is assigned to the case. In other words, the facts of the case may remain important, but the way the law will be implemented and the result of the case will depend on which school of thought the judge adheres.

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Perhaps that is a bit of an oversimplification, but only just. And it might be that we just don’t want to see our judicial system in such an unflattering light. Nevertheless, all one has to do is look back at who appointed the various federal judges throughout the system to get a good idea of how they are going to rule.

We’ve seen this recently in President Trump’s attempts to get control of our borders, thereby fulling a major campaign promise. This “on again, off again” status of his executive orders makes the courts look more like a crap game than the vital institutions they are supposed to be.

In any event, right now the travel ban has been restored, at least temporarily, until the U.S. Supreme Court can rule on the matter. Hearings begin on October 10. Justice Kennedy is the one who put on hold the appellate court’s order preventing the travel ban from being implemented. So, at this point, we have a victory for President Trump.

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“A U.S. Supreme Court justice on Monday issued a short-term order restoring President Donald Trump’s ban on thousands of refugees seeking entry to the country.

“The order issued by Justice Anthony Kennedy puts a lower court ruling on hold until the high court decides whether to grant the administration’s request for a longer-term order. Kennedy ordered those opposing the administration to file court papers by noon Tuesday.”

So, the travel ban is back in effect. At least until we find out how the Supreme Court will finally rule on the case.

“The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments Oct. 10 on President Donald Trump’s overall travel order, which imposed a 90-day ban on people entering the U.S. from six mostly Muslim countries and a 120-day ban on refugees, to give officials time to assess vetting procedures.”

What this is about is the left’s full-court press to admit as many illegals into the nation as possible. Where they come from, what they do after they get here, whether they are employable, and whether they have criminal records are all irrelevant.

What must be accomplished is the dilution of the conservative vote in “red” states such as Texas. By bringing these people into the country and then concluding that as long as they are here, they might as well get to vote on the people and laws who impact their lives, that dilution of the vote is accomplished.

Warehousing these illegals in sanctuary cities where they can be housed and fed at government expense by left-wing administrations insures that they know who their political benefactors are.

It’s an insidious way to accomplish a political goal. While not accusing every Democrat of being part of this, it is clearly a priority for many as well as notorious open border advocates such as George Soros. Soros’ money is never far from such efforts through the hundreds of organizations he supports and the politicians he owns.

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Look at how simple this order of President Trump’s is, and how much sense it makes:

“Trump’s March 6 executive order said the temporary travel ban and refugee ban would give officials time to assess U.S. vetting procedures and would address the risk that terrorists could slip into the country. Lower courts had blocked the ban, saying Trump overstepped his authority and unconstitutionally targeted Muslims.”

Of course the lower courts are wrong, but that’s just part of it. What the president did was temporarily shut down travel from countries known to harbor and train terrorists. Terrorists who have made no secret of their desire to attack western nations such as the U. S. Once proper vetting could be put in place, the travel could continue.

So some district court said this unconstitutionally targeted Muslims. It is unfortunate that those who choose to be terrorists seem to overwhelmingly come from the Islamic faith, but this is no fault of President Trump or any other non-Muslim. And it is irrelevant. Everyone from those countries is subject to the ban.

And, anyway, this is clearly within the president’s power to do. We can hope that our U.S. Supreme Court ends this nonsense by ruling in support of the President’s authority to control immigration.

Source: Bloomberg

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