America Votes On Whether Or Not To Support Work Requirements For Welfare — Do You Agree With The Results?

There’s a very familiar story with people from the “old days” who went to the office of benefits and sought assistance in tough times. The story goes like this: A woman with three children goes to the benefits office and applies for welfare assistance. She is granted the assistance and after a whole three months in the program, finally gets another job and is able to stop accepting welfare.

The woman then re-visits the office with cash in hand. When she approaches the clerk, she says, “I’d like to pay back the money for the assistance I’ve claimed for the last thee months.” The clerk laughs. Then she realizes that the woman is serious. She then informs the woman that she doesn’t have to pay back the assistance, that’s it’s “on the house.” The woman insists. “Please just take this money as repayment.” The clerk then explains to her that she has been paying taxes for benefits like this and that she deserves to tap into that money. “Don’t feel guilty about it.”

Walking away from that, the woman still doesn’t feel right. This is a good example of the difference between the American who was brought up to believe in hard work and repaying your debt, the American who was brought up to believe in entitlements, and the American who works for the government office. Some Liberals might say that it’s cruel to expect those on assistance to pay back the money they’ve taken. A new poll shows that a majority of voters disagree with that assessment and support work requirements for Medicaid.

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A new poll revealed on Monday that 51 percent of voters support work requirements for Medicaid, while 37 percent of percent of American voters oppose the measure.

Sixty-seven percent of Republicans approve of work requirements in exchange for Medicaid, while 52 percent of Democrats oppose the measure. Forty-six percent of independents support work requirements, while 36 percent of them do not approve.

Currently, no state Medicaid program has work requirements. however, many states have submitted waivers to the Trump administration to allow them to implement work requirements for able-bodied adults without children.

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Drew Altman, a chief executive at the Kaiser Family Foundation, said that Republicans and Democrats have a fundamentally different view of Medicaid. Altman explained, “Liberals and Democrats tend to view Medicaid as a government insurance program and conservatives and Republicans view it as a welfare program, and as a welfare benefit for which there should be a reciprocal obligation.”

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI), another state leader seeking work requirements for Medicaid, said that social safety net programs should lift people up rather than trapping them in a cycle of poverty.

We should treat public assistance more like a trampoline than a hammock,” Walker explained.

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With the way things are going these days, the antifa crowd that’s currently graduating from our universities, colleges, and trade schools appear as if they will be much in agreement with the Liberal factions of the Democrat Party. That will equal a heck of a lot of welfare in the future.

Can working Americans sustain that sort of 3,000-lb. tick on the buttocks of the United States? Probably not. History has proven time and time again that socialism and malaise have given more than one empire over into the hands of its enemies due to loss of pride, patriotism, and culture. Welfare without work requirements is a great demonstration of that very final purpose.

Source: Breitbart

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