Drug-Resistant Superbug From Illegal Immigrants ROCKS Sanctuary City! “Symptoms Are Very Similar To…”

It’s been rather tumultuous lately, as Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban has incited the wrath of the liberals. We are told by the left that every illegal immigrant has a right to enter this country, take our jobs, take our taxpayer money, and the list continues.

With all of the worries about these immigrants illegally entering the United States to concern us, there is one aspect of this debate that no one has really taken the time or care to discuss.

The last thing we want to think about is a possible health threat coming from these same immigrants, but that is exactly what we are seeing in sanctuary cities. Basically, un-vetted immigrants and refugees are bringing their diseases to America and passing them on to Americans.

Joe For America explains:

Los Angeles County health authorities issued a warning this week after they identified a patient infected with a drug-resistant bacterial pathogen. This patient is the second “refugee” to be identified with the “MCR-one” pathogen.

Mayor Garcetti is welcoming people into his sanctuary city who are at risk of infection from this pathogen. The symptoms are very similar to tuberculosis, and it is highly contagious and easily spread through the air. Coughing, sneezing, spitting, or even speaking can spread this disease among humans.

Something like this could easily be used by Islamic terrorists as a bioweapon and would be especially devastating to a heavily congested city like Los Angeles with a population of 4 million people.

It’s long past time to shut down sanctuary cities and to stop immigration from the Middle East. President Trump’s 90-day moratorium on immigration from seven Muslim countries is barely a good start. Once his right to manage immigration has been reestablished, he should be looking at shutting down immigration from Muslim countries altogether.

We need to finally start building a wall on our southern border, and there are about 15 million illegal immigrants that need to be deported.

I’m excited to see the president finally enforcing immigration law, and I can’t wait to see so-called sanctuary cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, lose their federal funding and then explain to their citizens why their local taxes are going to go way up.

Yeah! When the citizens living in sanctuary cities show up at city hall with pitchforks and torches, then their mayors might get the message and change their tune. Until then, they’ll just have to deal with less federal money to spread around! In the meantime, grab some hand sanitizer and a face mask to protect yourself and your family from disease!

Source: Joe For America

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