Stevie Wonder Takes A Knee On Stage, But Trump Fans Love What He Does Next

There is something very inspiring about seeing one person taking a stand for what is right while the mob either makes fools of themselves or commits heinous acts.

Any nitwit can join the crowd on pointless, stupid, or dangerous projects and missions.

It takes a depth of character to tell them they are all wrong, or to say nothing but simply to act in a dignified and noble way.

Liberalism is the accepted dogma in the arts and entertainment, centered largely in Hollywood, but with other places eagerly joining in.

What makes the overwhelming majority of actors, and news reporters for that matter, go hard left in their politics is worth examining, but not right here and not right now.

We’ll focus instead on a person who stands out because of an embrace of truth, integrity, and the strength of his character.

Stevie Wonder is a living legend in the music business, a man of incredible talent whose music has brought much joy to millions.

While he has his leftist moments, he also recognized something good that the anthem and flag protestors have missed:

At a recent concert, he too addressed the issues and then took a knee…actually both knees. And for a very different reason than liberals expected.

From Conservative Tribune:

“Wonder was performing at the Global Citizens Festival when he took a moment to address the audience about the controversy surrounding kneeling that has seemed to overtake the nation.

‘Whenever you need to interrupt hate, stand down bigotry, condemn sexism, and find love for all of our global brothers and sisters, everyday,’ Wonder began.

‘Tonight, I’m taking a knee for America,’ he continued, as he got down on one knee.

‘But not just one knee. I’m taking both knees,’ he said, while the audience cheered.

‘Both knees in prayer for our planet, our future, our leaders of the world, and our globe,’ he said, before he finished his prayer, saying ‘Amen.’

However one might be at variance with Wonder on some of his views, what we have here is a sincere display by a man of character and integrity.

Someone who puts others first, especially God, as opposed to putting on a selfish display of ego.

It wasn’t a protest move, but a move that recognized one of the most powerful things we could ever do for ourselves and our country — pray to God.

Correct. Differences melt away when we recognize our dependence on God for our provision and for healing the wounds that have afflicted us as a nation.

Stevie Wonder has nothing to prove. He has been established as a truly outstanding and gifted performer.

He has used that position to point the way to healing, and that is of more benefit than all the protests that could ever be organized.

One can only wish him the very best and thank him for the example he sets for all of us.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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