President Trump Betrayed By Deep State — Look Who’s Infiltrating State Department Against His Will

Given the revelations we receive from the news, it might be easy to begin to wonder if the only persons who are not privilege to classified U.S. documents are ordinary American citizens. There’s a bit of hyperbole in that statement to make a point, but the degree to which government agencies play it fast and loose with national secrets is appalling. And that’s just the stuff we know about.

The State Department looks like a prime offender. Now it did have Hillary Clinton as its head for a few years, so no one should expect integrity to have been an important value there during her tenure. Secretary Clinton’s goal was to use the power of her office to accomplish great things for the Clinton Foundation, laws that might interfere with that goal be damned. Yet there is a sense that the State Department thinks it operates under its own agenda and one that often has little to do with the desires of the president.

In yet another egregious act demonstrating a lack of concern for our national security, the State Department allowed leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood to engage in meetings with officials within the State Department’s offices. This is a group that supports terrorist organizations, and might soon find itself listed as a terrorist organization in the U.S. So why are State Department officials meeting with a group that is about to be tagged with the designation of terrorist group?

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“President Donald Trump has vowed to dramatically overhaul America’s Muslim refugee program to ensure that the individuals accepted into the U.S. have been thoroughly vetted.

“But that didn’t stop the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated group, from being welcomed to a a meeting with ‘working level officials’ at the U.S. State Department, an administration official told Breitbart.

“‘The Department regularly hosts groups representing different constituencies in America to explain [U.S. government] policy and hear their perspective,’ the official told Breitbart.”

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How very tolerant of the State Department. The snag is that the Muslim Brotherhood is an organization that works at cross-purposes with traditional and constitutional America, and supports Islamic terrorism. The leftists who still inhabit much of the apparatus of the Department of State might envision themselves as the guardians of peace and equality for all mankind, but they do so at risk to the United States, an entity that is not entirely apparent they are very concerned about.

You might think that there would be a Muslim outcry were President Trump to label the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. However, he would be doing nothing that other Muslim nations have not already done, nations that have encouraged Trump to do likewise.

“Numerous Muslim-majority nations, including U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and Egypt, have labeled the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, and they have called on the U.S. to follow suit.”

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Whether done by executive order by the president or act of Congress, this needs to get done. Muslim terrorists are not welcome in America, and certainly have no business being in government offices.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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