President Trump Just Did Something Awesome, Delivers Final Knockout Punch To THIS Obama Legacy!

There is one strong and specific reason that Donald Trump became President of the United States. It is because America was sick and tired of being pulled into every progressive movement that Barack Obama wanted us to be a part of.

Former President Obama pushed us into a healthcare plan that was nothing but unaffordable. He then forced American women to be subject to scrutiny in public restrooms, by allowing men to walk in any time they want. And to seal the progressive deal, he forced us into a global warming treaty without consent of the US Senate. Americans finally said enough is enough, and voted in a President to undo the previous harm done.

So President Trump has taken this job very seriously. Thanks to his efforts, we are now close to a health care plan that will save Americans millions. He rolled back the regulations on transgender bathrooms. And now, Trump has handed Obama a final legacy deathblow: the president has pulled out of the Paris global warming deal!

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From The Political Insider:

On Thursday, President Donald J. Trump rejected failed former President Obama’s disastrous Paris “global warming” deal that sought to burden our economy with heavy regulations and taxes all to push the left’s global warming hysteria. 

In a Rose Garden speech, President Trump said he rejected the global warming agreement because “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” words that the global warming alarmists cannot comprehend.

Now, a new report sheds some more light into why President Trump rejected the globalist scam, and it’s incredible: specifically, he wanted to stick it to “holier-than-thou” elites in America, specifically leftists who fly around in private jets, drive SUVs, and live in massive mansions yet lecture Americans about their environmental impact…

It’s also important to note that the Obama administration didn’t have the authority to commit the United States to a treaty without being ratified by the Senate – a crucial point that the liberal media deliberately ignores in order to attack President Trump…

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Throughout much of the 2016 campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump railed against corporate and global elitists who want to dictate their liberal agenda onto the American public, with no understanding of how such liberal policies would harm our economy and the American people. 

President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate deal is a giant middle finger to elitists all around the world who want America to suffer simply to promote their global warming alarmism.

Thank you President Trump for protecting the American people from the rule of progressivism and elitism.

What do you think? Are you happy President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Change Treaty? Comment below!


Source: The Political Insider

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