You’ll Never Believe Who Soldiers Just Captured From ISIS

With the millions of Muslims that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is authorizing to be able to enter Germany and live among its populace, it’s no wonder that so many young and impressionable youths are being lured in by the extremist message. When it’s all around you every day, and you’re being told by the Left that you’re a bigot Islamophobe if you dare to disagree with Sharia Law, the deck is certainly stacked against the children.

The schools are somewhat worse. In addition to the German schools teaching Regressive-style revisionist history and pushing Whites to accept and embrace White guilt, the mosques and madrassas all over Germany are preaching hatred and ridicule of everything that is not Islam.

A young girl last year, Linda Wenzel, disappeared from her home after communicating with many radical jihadists from Syria. After disappearing, the grim truth was learned by her parents and police. They were shocked to find that she was not taken, but rather joined ISIS to fight in Syria! Iraqi soldiers were able to capture her and take her away from the Islamic State.

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Independent Journal Review:

Among ISIS fighters apprehended in war-torn Mosul, Iraqi forces discovered a German teenager, believed to be 16-year-old Linda Wenzel.

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Unhappy with her home life, Wenzel absorbed the teachings of Islam and contacted an Islamist preacher in Hamburg who had given her a copy of the Koran. Around the same time, she revealed to her parents for the first time that she was interested in Islam, according to the Telegraph.

Though she started learning Arabic, brought the Koran to school, and dressed modestly, Wenzel’s mother did not realize that she was also communicating with Islamists online. On July 1, 2016, Wenzel told her mother, Katharina, that she was going to spend the weekend with her friend, Caroline.

She didn’t come home. Instead, she used her mother’s passport to fly to Turkey. From there, she traveled to the Turkey-Syria border and was smuggled into Syria with assistance from an ISIS-affiliated Islamist group.

Police suspect that Wenzel fell in love over the internet with a Syrian jihadist, who convinced her to join him and the caliphate. After Wenzel went missing, Katharina discovered that her daughter kept a second Facebook account. She used it to communicate with people in the Middle East with messages such as “Pray, the end is approaching.”

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After Iraqi forces won their nine-month siege of Mosul on July 10, Wenzel was captured in one of the ruined city’s tunnel systems. With her were 20 members of ISIS’s all-female police force, some of whom wore suicide vests.

During my stint of three years stationed near Mainz, I developed friendships with many Germans and hung out with many of them quite frequently.  One of the main things expressed at the time was the massive distrust that Germans had for the Turks.  That’s really all any of them ever talked about in mixed company, referring to them as “gypsies.”

I was young and didn’t understand a lot about the world at large. One thing that was made clear, however, was that German citizens did not take well to Muslims, commenting that they were dishonest and dangerous in large groups. That was in the 1980s. Now it appears that the young people in Germany have finally accepted the Caliphate.

What do you think? Should this story be a telling reminder to America that we should vet those entering our country to ensure our children do not get caught up in the charismatic insanity that is radical Islam? Comment below!

Source:  Independent Journal Review

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