Since Voting For Hillary, A Snowflake’s Scales Fell Off Her Liberal Eyes The Moment She Received THIS!

As the oldest of five children, I quickly became the “second mom” in our family as the big sister. With our age range from oldest to youngest child spreading to fifteen years, I definitely did my share of helping the littles and then enjoyed watching them grow up to be quite intelligent individuals. The youngest of the clan graduates from high school this year, and I think she is as much ready to head off to college as my parents are ready to be empty nesters and renovate the house.

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Of course, each of us, although given a strong educational background in conservatism, have taken their own path to political enjoyment. I have immersed myself in the political world since a young little girl and attended my first Iowa caucus at age 12. Other siblings have chosen to simply vote Republican. But my 20 year old sister, who has paid her way through two years of college and is marking her own path and career, chose to vote for Hillary Clinton, as she was the first female presidential candidate in history.

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I really can’t be offended by her reasoning, although my heart cried out when she voted Democrat. I understand that she is desperately searching for high-profile role models who have broken the female barrier. I also understand that I view Hillary as an example of someone NOT to be. So we differ. But in one recent chat with my sister, I am now convinced she is truly a conservative, but is having a hard time admitting it, especially with her candidate losing. So if you’re looking for three easy steps to convert a family member to the world of fiscal conservatism, look no further than here!

Step 1: Vote for the Democratic candidate that lost. Get frustrated that your candidate lost.

Step 2: Meet with someone to prepare your first official tax filing in your adult life. Find out that you OWE a ton of money to Uncle Sam.

Step 3: Complain to your older sister about “having to pay __________ amount to the stupid government.”

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Welcome to the Republican Party!

When my sister got hit with a huge tax payment at the young age of 20, because her education has increased and thus her income has increased, she realized, sadly, that the more she progresses upward on the income and career ladder, the more she is punished by the government and the bureaucratic system. Now she understands why I don’t want the government involved in my healthcare, my job, my life!

This one simple bill from Uncle Sam has completely changed her thinking about everything, as she understands why the system encourages you to stay poor and become dependent on government handouts.

So she’ll pay her taxes, work hard, continue her education, and be all the wiser for it. I’m already looking forward to the next presidential cycle and seeing where she goes from here.

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