Smug Liberal Snowflakes Think Ben Carson Can’t Handle The Job — His 4 Brutal Words Send Them Melting

I have a prediction which can never be tested, but is worth saying anyway. If Mother Teresa was registered as a Republican, the Fake News Industrial Complex would have described her as a fanatical, Bible-thumping Christian Conservative hell-bent on the destruction of progress and professing a homophobic and misogynistic point of view that made her a disgrace to her gender.

Of course, it’s true that there’s no way to test this prediction, but is there anyone in the reading audience who believes for a moment that the FNIC wouldn’t go there? When it comes to the mainstream media and Republicans, we will never get a fair shake. Like it or not, the Left owns the media and will never relinquish it to honesty or unbiased reporting. That being said, Donald Trump never had a chance at being a good president. Why? He is a Republican, and by the FNIC definition, incapable of doing anything right or anything well.

Ben Carson was one of those who debated Donald Trump on stage and they had their roundabouts, but when the dust settled, our president understood the value of a man like Carson who is an exceptional human being and a heck of a surgeon. Now that he’s heading the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), he’s been able to show his expertise in so many different ways. His skills aside, he was asked about his critics who think he can’t handle the HUD job and Carson responded, “People are so stupid!”

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The Hill:

Ben Carson fired back at critics who were skeptical of his qualifications to run the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), calling them “stupid.”

“People are so stupid,” the former neurosurgeon and presidential candidate said at The Hill’s Newsmaker Series event on Wednesday morning. Carson was confirmed as HUD secretary in March by a vote of 58-41.

“I liken it to the CEO of a large medical center,” he continued. “Now, I guarantee the CEO of Massachusetts General, or Johns Hopkins, or the Mayo Clinic or Children’s National, they probably don’t know about infectious disease, or neurosurgery, or anesthesia or pathology.”

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“But they have a lot of people who do know a lot about those things,” he said. “And by coordinating and creating a vision and creating an atmosphere where the synergies work, they create a very successful organization.”

The focus of the event was on the future of housing, particularly housing needs in recently hurricane-ravaged areas in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Carson said rebuilding Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria could take up to 100 years.

The Senate on Tuesday passed a disaster relief bill that would provide $36.5 billion in funding for hurricane relief, a flood insurance program and wildfire recovery efforts in the West.

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There have been a number of successes on the part of the Secretary of the HUD Department and, all of the naysaying aside, Dr. Carson has made us proud to have him serving us and the country. The people who struggle from day to day and week to week to pay bills and get a decent meal for their kids are being assured that they will have a shoulder to rest upon while Carson is looking out for them.

That’s a comforting thought for millions who know his story of hardship and how his mother raised her children without the benefit of a husband to assist her. It is a heartwarming story of truth, forebearance and faith. Dr. Carson displays all three of these and more!

Source: The Hill

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