WATCH: Small Business Owner Drops Truth Bomb At Town Hall…Destroys Bernie With THIS Question!

Bernie Sanders. A name you haven’t heard in a while.

Since having to concede to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary, he bought a very expensive summer home in Vermont, gave a “I voted for Hillary” tweet, and then…silence. A sweet silence from the man who wants to socialize America.

Unfortunately, he’s back. And back with a vengeance. Perhaps with the Hillary loss, Bernie may actually believe that he could have beaten Trump. But that is a topic for another day. Regardless, it appears that he is attempting to become a viable 2020 candidate, as he participated in last night’s “Bernie Sanders Town Hall,” hosted by CNN.

But irony won the evening, as the only person who was able to “Feel The Bern” was Bernie Sanders himself.

From Louder With Crowder (enjoy the video!):

When questioned about leftist policies by a small business owner who knows what he’s talking about? Not so much. CNN held a town hall meeting with the former Presidential candidate. They forgot to screen this guy…

It just goes to show how simple it is to throw an avowed socialist off their game: present reality, ask questions about their policies, watch how they squirm and keep repeating their inane talking points until they embarrass themselves and turn into newts. Saying “Trump won the election” three times while pointing at them also works. Though you do run the risk of such a politician being quite nasty when you show the world just what dunderheads they actually are. As Sanders did here.

In a desperate attempt to gain relevance, he ended up once again, showing America how truly out of touch the Democrats are. No offers for free education, free health care, free anything will entice Americans to support a candidate, like Sanders, who has never held a real job. Who has written heinous articles about women. Who has spent his life as a career politician. Who can afford three homes, but attacks the rich. Who got rich off of taxpayers. Who is the 1% we should be mad at. Guess what? We are, and we will not vote you into the Office of the President!

Source: Louder With Crowder

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