Border Patrol Makes Skin-Crawling Discovery That Floors Nation…They Found…!

While President Trump’s border wall might have captured the nation’s attention, crossing the border is not the only way that illegal immigrants and drugs enter the country from Mexico.

What other ways can illegals cross, you may ask?

They can also go under the border.

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Tunneling is a technique that has been used very effectively by Mexican cartels in smuggling drugs into the U.S. In fact, there have been perhaps 200 such tunnels constructed between the two nations. We usually think of them as a means to smuggle drugs, and that would be correct. But they are also an excellent way to smuggle humans as well. Hence it comes as no surprise that Border Patrol agents have discovered yet another tunnel, this one likely used to smuggle both drugs and people from Mexico into the U.S.

Considering the enormous profits generated, drug cartels have formidable resources available to them. With the border wall getting most of the press lately, creating tunnels under the border has not gotten as much attention. Yet it remains an very effective technique.

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents have just announced that they have “located a collapsed tunnel after receiving a report about a suspicious opening near the Raul Hector Castro Port of Entry, according to a statement from CBP Arizona. Although the tunnel collapsed roughly 25 feet from its opening, agents confirmed that it extended into the United States by 60 yards.”

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This is no isolated structure. In fact, “[t]here have been well over 200 tunnels discovered along the U.S.-Mexico Border used for illicit purposes since 1990, Breitbart Texas previously reported. The Sinaloa Cartel, considered to be the largest and most powerful in Mexico, is the primary culprit behind smuggling tunnels into the United States.”

Note that those are just the ones that have been “discovered.” The number of tunnels in existence and working obviously remains unknown.

These tunnels are no minor projects, either. For example, “[i]n April 2016, U.S. officials discovered what is thought to be the longest ever cross-border tunnel into the United States. The tunnel was found in San Diego and is estimated to be over 800 yards long. Authorities say that it was used to tons of narcotics worth tens of millions of dollars.”

The Israelis have a similar problem with tunnels, only more with terrorists being smuggled into their country than drugs. In response, they have developed some interesting technology.

“The U.S. is co-sponsoring an Israeli-invented tunnel detection system that officials are hoping can be used to locate routes created by the Mexican cartels. Already, the new technology has yielded positive results in Israel, uncovering structures used by Hamas.”

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Will the construction of the border wall encourage more attempts by Mexican drug cartels to construct tunnels? If so, the development of the technology behind that tunnel detection system will become more urgent, as it is unlikely the criminals will give up easily, if at all.

Source: Breitbart

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