They Caught Her! Guess Who’s Charged With Six Felonies, Welfare Fraud?!

Receiving welfare benefits isn’t meant to be a free handout to just anyone, nor is it supposed to be a lifestyle enhancement for people too lazy to work. Instead, the intention of welfare is to be a hand up for those who, for reasons out of their control, find themselves without the basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, etc.

But there are always those who will try and defraud the system, thinking they can get away with it and be able to live a carefree life without the stresses of having to earn it at a job. Like the rest of us poor suckers who must pay the taxes that fund their free lifestyle.

A father/daughter team in South Glen Falls, NY tried to scam the welfare system by filing fake documents. They were arrested by Warren County Sheriff’s Office after collecting $1200 in temporary public assistance. The daughter was charged with six felonies, including welfare fraud, while her father was charged with one.

Via The Post Star:

QUEENSBURY — A Fort Edward man and his daughter were arrested this week after they were found to have filed false documentation so the daughter could receive public assistance, police said.

Sabrina L. Fosmer, 33, of South Glens Falls, was charged with six felonies, including counts of welfare fraud, grand larceny and offering a false instrument for filing, while her father, Donald C. Piper, 59, of Fort Edward was charged with a single felony count of offering a false instrument for filing, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. 

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Police said Fosmer received $1,200 in temporary public assistance after she and her father falsely represented she was renting an apartment from him in Queensbury, police said.

Both were released pending prosecution in Queensbury Town Court. Sheriff’s Investigator Kevin Conine and Department of Social Services Investigator Jessica Wildey handled the case.

Getting caught was probably the best thing that could’ve happened to these two. At least they know now that stealing public assistance from the truly needy, that only ask for it when they must, isn’t a crime taken lightly by the authorities. Maybe they will think twice before attempting anything like it, again!

Source: The Post Star

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