Sisters’ Vacation To Paris Just Turned Into A Nightmare…Muslim Surround Girls To Demand…

Two young women decide to travel to Paris and spend and evening at the Eiffel Tower. Who knew that an evening of seeing new sights and wonders of the world would subject them to this.

Nothing could have prepared these two sisters for the violence inflicted on them other than arming them with revolvers as their vacation turned into a nightmare. The perpetrators of the crime need to spend many long years in prison for what they did.

Two sisters from Iowa were enjoying a vacation in Paris when a group Muslim migrants propositioned them for sex and then assaulted the girls when refused, and created a disturbance by claiming the girls tried to steal a phone from one of the assailants.

WATCH: 2 American Girls In Paris Say 'No' To Muslims, A Nightmare Follows

The reckless and ill-conceived immigration policies adopted by western nations just claimed two more victims. Pointing this out is not hysteria or xenophobia or racism. It is speaking the truth. The problem is with the people committing these crimes, not those who recoil in horror at what the criminals are doing.

The story beings with a visit to Paris.

“In a recent smartphone video from Paris, two American girls are seen enjoying themselves beneath the Eiffel Tower. A group of Muslim migrants approaches them, and the girls’ demeanor quickly turns from excitement and wonder to fear as the men proposition them for sex.”

To the girls’ credit, they refused the proposition, and when they did, “the men become animated and harassing. Eventually, one man even starts a theatrical display, pretending that the woman tried to steal his phone in the dark city.”

As the Gateway Pundit points out, “[A] large crowd had gathered during the scene, which is likely why the refugee started the entire absurd act about having his phone stolen. These women were harassed and assaulted and are lucky that something much worse did not happen.”

Germany and France have brought this catastrophe on themselves by permitting the influx of those who hate French and German culture and who are determined to change it into Islamic ones. Not only that, in so doing they have admitted criminals to their nation who will make it unfit for habitation by anyone not of the Islamic faith.

In fact, they’ll make the country a miserable place for the “peaceful Muslims” to live in as well.

Here’s the video below. Anyone for a visit to Paris?

Source: Mad World News

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