Fox News Host REVEALS Latest Sickening Realities Of Muslim Refugees…Entire Nation Is REELING — WHOA!

If the left gets its way, it is going to be the instrument by which its own version of liberal freedoms are destroyed – not to mention the liberties the rest of us enjoy. And this isn’t just a crisis in America, much of Europe is further along the road to cultural suicide than are we.

Of course, we are discussing the problem of Muslim migration into Western nations. It utterly obvious that a significant portion of these people are hostile to the cultures into which they are moving, and are determined to change those cultures to suit the dictates of their Islamic faith including the implementation of Sharia law. You can have one of the other, but you cannot have both the Western legal tradition and the Islamic one. They are entirely incompatible.

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There are a multitude of individuals who have pointed this incompatibility out. Yet the left, forever marching under the banner of tolerance, is also marching to its own cultural suicide. If liberals think that fundamentalist Muslims are going to show their appreciation for being admitted to Western nations by tolerating Western culture and laws, they are kidding themselves – something Ann Coulter points out very well.

Coulter recently was interviewed by Sean Hannity of Fox News. She asked the question, “‘Why can’t we learn from Western Europe? Just a few weeks ago German intelligence reports that 1,000 German “residents” have gone to fight with ISIS,’ said Coulter, according to Conservative 101. ‘Hundreds of them have come back to Germany, and what does Merkel do? She’s setting them up with welfare because, you know, if they don’t have a lot of welfare that could radicalize them.'”

You can watch the full interview here:

Ms. Merkel is going to destroy her own nation if not stopped regardless of whether that is her intention or not. The woman is the biggest menace to her country since, well, we won’t mention names right now.

Coulter then turns her attention to the situation in the United States. “‘Why would you do that in this country?’ Coulter asked. ‘When you’re bringing in these masses of people from very different cultures and make it a hate crime to ask them to assimilate – and they have no intent on assimilating and, what are we getting out of this? It’s one thing if we’re bringing in nuclear scientists or engineers. I don’t think we’re getting a lot of those. But the vast majority of refugees are just instantly coming in, sucking up welfare that’s meant for our people.'”

Just the example of how difficult it has been for President Trump to enact a temporary ban on travel from some Muslim nations illustrates the lunacy that his permeated the left, including those who are judges.

And who moves to another country, demands welfare, and then demands that the host nation change its culture and legal system to suit them? This is a nation that has welcomed immigration, but not that sort regardless of what religion they might claim.

Source: Mad World News

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