Should Sharia Law Courts Be Allowed In United States?

In the country of Australia, former human rights commissioner Gillian Triggs has given her full, public support for allowing Sharia Law courts to be established throughout her country, alongside the current western judicial system.

As more western countries are becoming friendly to radical Islam, people like Triggs doesn’t see that two cultures fighting for their own judicial programs will result, at some point in time, to one system overriding the other. Based upon radical Islam’s threats to the West, it should come as no surprise that should Sharia courts exist, they would work to undermine and infiltrate all western law as we know it.

That being said, before this wave of radical Islamic support hits the United States, we wanted to hear from you. Do you think Sharia Law courts should ever be allowed on US soil?

Make your voice heard!

Should Sharia Law Courts Be Allowed In United States?

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