Should Muslims Be Given Right To Take Away America’s First Amendment?

This little known story is now starting to make headway amongst conservative circles. In the U.S. Court of Appeals of the Fourth Circuit, 10 judges approved a measure that would allow Muslims the ability to take quotes from a political office candidate that they feel is attacking their religion and use them against said candidate in order to prevent new legislation or policies to move forward.

Basically, this is a full attack against President Trump and his travel ban that he executed early on in his presidency.

On top of that, this new ruling is basically prohibiting candidates from their First Amendment rights to free speech, as now they will be afraid to say anything about any controversial subject, for fear of being held accountable to anything, even if the speech or comments were innocuous.

So what you do think? Do you think Muslims should be given a higher priority of rights to trample over Americans’ rights to free speech found in our Bill of Rights?

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Should Muslims Be Given Right To Take Away America's First Amendment?

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