Should Debbie Resign From Congress?

With the issue of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s former IT staffer being arrested by the feds, most American are beginning to believe that it is time for her to resign as a Florida representative.

What is most shocking about Debbie is her refusal to admit that the long, ongoing investigation regarding the IT staffers she has hired has done more to harm America than meets the eye. In fact, her denial to admit that her IT staffers were a problem and possibly a threat to America was so strong, she didn’t take her employee off payroll until the day he was arrested, although both he and his family were under federal watch and investigation for months on end.

So what do you think? She couldn’t run the Democratic National Committee and had to resign from that – and it’s looking like she can’t handle running her own office. Time for her to resign?

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Should Debbie Resign From Congress?

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