California Drops Shocking Report On Sanctuary Cities…President Trump Is Completely Stunned!

In California, they have created “sanctuary cities,” which are municipalities that have chosen to defy federal immigration laws and authorities by refusing to cooperate with federal officers in enforcing the nation’s immigration laws. As such, they provide a sanctuary or refuge to which illegal immigrants can flee to avoid arrest and subsequent deportation. Hence, we have the preposterous situation of local and federal law enforcement officers working against each other. Such was one of the fruits of Mr. Obama’s failed presidency.

Of course, these sanctuary cities are not only violating the law themselves, but are assisting the illegal immigrants to do the same. It’s a pitiful and absurd situation that cries out for strong action. With Mr. Trump now in charge, things are very likely to change. But before that happens, it turns out that the citizens, even in an overwhelmingly liberal state such as California, are not entirely comfortable with this sanctuary city business as a recent poll just revealed.

Whatever their motivation, it looks like residents of California want no part of sanctuary cities. We learned that, “Roughly 74 percent of California residents want to see an end to sanctuary city policies, according to a poll by UC Berkeley. The issue to end sanctuary cities in the state crosses racial and party lines, with 65 percent of Hispanics registering their agreement, while 70 percent of independents, 82 percent of Republicans, and 73 percent of Democrats feel the same.”

That is a very convincing majority. Clearly Mr. Obama failed miserably to get Californians on board with this idea. And if the residents of California, with its large Hispanic population oppose sanctuary cities, what is the chance that other states will be accepting?  Not very likely.

It may very well be that the “Not in my back yard!” doctrine might be at work in California. This is something of a casual way to describe issues like the safe storage of nuclear waste. People are all for setting up locations where nuclear waste can be dumped and stored safely, just so long as these sites are “not in my back yard.”  Store it safely, just store it somewhere else is the thinking. Could this be what Californians are thinking about sanctuary cities?


Mr. Trump is on the right side of the law when it comes to his immigration policies. In this case, it would appear that a majority of the citizens of California would agree with him – which is almost sort of scary.

Maybe Californians oppose sanctuary cities on principle, or maybe they just don’t want them in their own “back yards.” Either way, the proponents of fashioning places to which illegal immigrants can flee to avoid the enforcement of the laws have a difficult job ahead of them. Good. Score yet another win for Mr. Trump and his policies.

Source: Breitbart

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