She’s Guilty! Look Who’s Been Sentenced For Smuggling 24 Illegal Immigrants — Liberals Are Speechless

It’s obvious that the left is obsessed with the promotion of illegal immigration. Along with abortion, race-baiting, Marxist economics, and covering up for Hillary’s crimes, this package sums up what’s become of the Democratic Party in the United States. It’s an ugly picture to be sure.

As misguided and as disastrous as such policies are here, we are not the only country to suffer under such self-inflicted wounds. Germany is attempting cultural suicide under the leadership of Chancellor Merkel using uncontrolled Islamic migration as the tool. Britain and France have their problems as well. In fact, much of Europe is in turmoil over this issue.

Switzerland, a nation that has prided itself in its independence and determined neutrality, has now joined the illegal immigration craze sponsored the the liberals. Lisa Bosia Mirra, a left-wing politician has just been convicted of smuggling 24 illegals into the country. Although she is contesting the ruling, and the judge made some odd comments, we can now welcome the Swiss into the club of nations targeted by the left for self-destruction.

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“Lisa Bosia Mirra is the founder of a refugee aid organisation and a councilor for the Social Democratic Party of Switzerland – the second largest party in the Swiss parliament and the only left-wing party with representatives in the Swiss Federal Council.

“She was charged with the crime in April, and this Thursday sentenced and find around £7,000, suspended for two years, in a court in Bellinzona.

“The judge claimed that her intentions for committing the crime were good, but stress that she had clearly broken the law.”

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This judge sounds like he could be from the U.S. Democratic Party. “[H]er intentions for committing the crime were good,” so said the judge. So if we’ve got this right, the judge is cheering for her illegal act of smuggling the migrants into the country. If only those pesky Swiss laws were not in place, she could continue her work undisturbed.

Perhaps the Swiss should consider themselves fortunate that the judge didn’t find a way to redefine terms to exonerate her.

Here’s what’s really going on.

“For many of the hundreds of thousands of recently arrived migrants in Italy, Switzerland was seen as a route towards the prosperous economies and generous welfare states of Northern Europe.

“However, the Swiss Guard blocked more than 4,000 people from entering the country and promised to build a migrant camp to house those trapped on the border, in August 2016, when Ms. Mirra was arrested.”

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We see the left’s agenda at work over and over. Establish the nations they control as generous socialist welfare states in order to attract those looking not for employment as a means of improving their lives, but for the free money the left is eager to hand out in return for votes.

Worry not. This cannot continue indefinitely. Margaret Thatcher observed how socialism fails when you run out of other people’s money.

That day will come, eventually. When governments can no longer pay out these lavish benefits, what do you think these legions of migrants will do then with no income and no jobs?

Come to think of it, perhaps we should worry.

Source: Breitbart

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