WATCH: Sheriff Clarke Drops Bombshell Of Justice…Completely Destroys MTV In One Sentence!

One of the favorite tactics of the political left has been to look for areas where there might be a way to drive a wedge between two or more different groups, usually racial or ethnic, and use the schism created to cause social strife which, they then, constantly focus on and amplify it until it results in a violent confrontation between the groups.

This is how communist revolutions start and this is exactly what we see happening in America, now.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is a revolutionary political activist movement funded by leftist, anti-American billionaires. Their purpose is to agitate violent confrontations that can be used to put pressure on American society and the government to bring about a leftward political shift towards more socialism.

A recent MTV video illustrates some of how that pressure is applied through media to which Sheriff David Clarke responds. See below and watch Sheriff Clarke’s response.

From The Political Insider:
MTV created a New Year’s resolution video for white men, in what some have labeled at best a poor attempt at humor, and at worst being flat-out racist.

Place America’s favorite sheriff David Clarke firmly in the latter category.

The video, titled “2017 Resolutions for White Guys,” offers up suggestions for things to resolve in the new year, such as agreeing “Blue Lives Matter isn’t a thing” and to stop indicating you have “black friends.”

One resolution solely for ‘white guys’ suggests trying “to recognize that America was never great for anyone who wasn’t a white guy.”

Sheriff Clarke responded to the video by leveling MTV and indicating “Black racism is as abhorrent as any kind of racism.”

“America has had enough of this crap!” he rightfully declared. [Emphasis Added]

MTV has responded to Sheriff Clarke’s comments by removing the video which is exactly what should happen!

America is tired of all the race baiting and the political left is the major culprit using it.

It needs to stop now!

Source: The Political Insider

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