Shocker — She Just Struck A Plea Deal With Prosecutors To Avoid Jail Time

Many of those who voted for Jill Stein (and their weren’t many of them) were voting for a candidate that they believed represented the best in mankind. They wanted someone who wasn’t a greedy real estate billionaire mogul outsider or a covered-in-Swamp-filth insider with tons of skeletons lining her walk-in closet walls.

For them, Stein was a protest vote against the same old, same old and the populist candidate. They were all promises and no delivery. Stein was the type of no-nonsense candidate who would get things done and, if she had to, get her hands dirty.

In North Dakota, last year, Stein did in fact get her hands dirty, but with a lot more than just North Dakota soil. Stein spray-painted on a bulldozer that was being used to break ground for the Dakota Pipeline as a protest. She was arrested and faced a hefty fine and jail time. But, as is usual with the entitled, she plea bargained down to a virtual slap on the pinky finger!

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The Daily Caller:

Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein struck a plea deal with North Dakota prosecutors to avoid jail time for vandalizing a bulldozer at a Dakota Access Pipeline construction site in 2016.

Instead of jail time, Stein “will be on unsupervised probation for about six months and must pay $250 in fees,” The Associated Press reported Wednesday. That’s better than the two-month maximum prison sentence and $3,000 fine she could have faced.

A judge approved Stein’s plea deal Wednesday and also approved a similar plea deal for Stein’s running mate Ajamu Baraka, who also faced charges.

North Dakota issued a warrant for Stein’s arrest in September 2016 after the Green Party candidate admitted to spray-painting “I approve this message” on the blade of a bulldozer that “had been used to destroy sacred burial sites of the Standing Rock Sioux,” she said.

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Stein vandalized the bulldozer to show solidarity with thousands of environmental activists and American Indian protesters who flocked to North Dakota last year to oppose the construction of the Dakota Access oil pipeline.

President Donald Trump issued an executive order in January to approve the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines. The pipeline began pumping oil in June, and activists have dropped their legal challenges.

Dakota Access protests cost North Dakota taxpayers $38 million in 2016, paying to suppress violence and compensate owners of damaged property.

The Army Corps spent $1.1 million cleaning up protest campsites, collecting 845 dumpsters worth of trash. In total, 8,170 cubic yards of debris was removed, according to the Corps.

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What a relief that this woman was not our winner in the election. Can you imagine what her first order of business would have been? “I nominate Hillary Clinton as the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and Michelle Obama as Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration! Bill Clinton has offered to be my Chief of Staff for which I graciously accepted!”

Yeah, that would’ve been a pretty crappy day for America. As well, it would have been a horrendously bad day for the Fake News Industrial Complex. Just imagine, four to eight years of nothing to write about except how great the economy’s doing and how many men became women and women, men due to the military’s new mandatory sex-reassignment surgery!

Source: The Daily Caller

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