Sharia Law Takeover Is In Full Swing — See How One City Just Surrendered Their Children To It

What’s the saying? Something like you keep feeding the alligator hoping that he will eat you last? This seems to be the approach being taken by some public officials when confronted with demands made by Muslims that they change established norms, rules, laws, and institutions to suit their particular beliefs. These leaders are not thinking of the end-point of this process, and they commit that failure at their own and their communities’ peril.

One issue that has cropped up in parts of Europe has been the content of children’s school lunches. Muslim leaders have demanded that pork be removed from school menus, and in some cases the school administrators have caved. Others have not. Forgive the audacity of an “American” solution to the problem, but if Muslim parents learn that pork will be on the menu on a particular day, they can just pack a lunch for their kids with whatever they choose. Many of us survived public school quite well bringing our lunches in a brown paper bag or lunch box.

Apparently that’s not a good enough solution as the city of Salzburg has now banned pork in school-provided lunches to accommodate demands for the observance of Sharia law. One can only wonder what will be next.

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“Salzburg has banned pork in city-run kindergartens in what local officials have defended saying it meets the needs of Muslim children.

“The ban was not advertised or announced and has been in place for some time until parents of children attending kindergartens in the city noticed that pork was never present on school menus. An official from the Salzburg mayor’s office said the ban on pork was both for health reasons and ‘among other things, the needs of Muslim children’, Kronen Zeitung reports.”

“Health reasons?” Do they have a problem raising healthy hogs in Austria? Of course, this is nonsense, and this sniveling “official” is just cowardly avoiding admitting that the city caved to Muslim demands.

It sounds like it’s not a very popular decision with the parents of these kids:

“ServusTV, a relatively new television channel funded by the Red Bull energy drink company, questioned the parents of children attending kindergartens in Salzburg. They told the channel they rejected the fact pork was excluded and the channel commissioned a nationwide survey that showed 78 per cent of Austrians thought pork should be included in all kindergartens.”

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This pork in school lunches thing has really become an issue in Europe. And here’s the cold hard truth that needs to be faced:

First, Muslims need to adjust to their new countries, not the other way around. They clearly prepare meals at home. Make some extras and put it in a lunch sack for the kids on the days the schools serve pork. Millions have successfully gotten through school using this procedure with no harm done. Problem solved, unless they are just mad they cannot control the school lunch menu which is just too bad. In that case, start your own Muslim school.

Next, to the non-Muslims, stand up for your western laws and culture, and provide your children with the food and nourishment that they need. Make sense? Good.

Source: Breitbart

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