Brilliant! Arkansas Just Did Something Awesome! Sharia Law Lovers Are Raging!

As the population of Muslim immigrants in America has grown and enclaves of the adherents to Islam established, so has the push to use legal means to force Americans to accept Muslim customs and laws being adopted in neighborhoods and schools.

The problem with that is many Americans see Islamic customs and punishments for violation of Islamic law as being barbaric. Especially the cutting off of hands for theft or for female genital circumcision. Not to mention beheading of infidels for those who refuse to convert to Islam.

Arkansas has made a move to ensure that Sharia law is never allowed to be enforced anywhere in the state. With House Bill HB1041, it stipulates and outlaws any system of law foreign to the Constitution and that does not honor the basic constitutional rights such as due access, equal protection, freedom of speech, etc.

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Conservative Tribune has more:

Three months ago Arkansas’ House Judiciary committee approved a bill that would essentially outlaw Shariah law by declaring “American laws for American courts.”

Dubbed HB1041, the bill would void any court rulings based “in whole or in part on any foreign law, legal code, or system that does not grant the parties affected by the ruling or decision” basic constitutional rights such as due access, equal protection, freedom of speech, etc.

It was filed last December by state Rep. Brandt Smith with Shariah law in mind, though he specifically avoided mentioning Shariah in the bill “so it’s all inclusive,” he told Arkansas News.

In defense of his bill, Smith reportedly maintained that the law would protect new immigrants by ensuring that “when they set foot on American soil, they literally will be protected by the same rights and privileges that protect you and me.”

Truth be told, the bill was neither anti-Muslim nor anti-immigrant; it was pro-American, though in this politically correct day and age such a mentality is often viewed as a faux pas.

But the Arkansas representative was right to argue that new immigrants needed this protection more than ever. Just consider the hundreds of thousands of American Muslim girls who have been forced to undergo female genital mutilation.

“The imported practice of genital mutilation can segregate hundreds of thousands of American girls from their peers in mainstream American society, say two New York psychologists,” Breitbart reported last month.

Sharia is one of those ancient systems of law that Islamic societies have held onto for many centuries. One of it’s most well-known customs in America is that of honor-killing when a family member literally murders a daughter or a sister because she becomes too westernized.

This should be evidence enough that Muslims will never assimilate into any other society. As Muslims always say, “they are here to conquer and dominate” and will accept nothing less!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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