Sex Slave Girl Freed From Muslims Gets Horrific, Sick Response From Brother When She Arrives Home!

The cruelty that is rampant in our world is beyond just shocking. It is impossible to come to terms with it without a deep sense of sadness for those are its victims. And it makes acts of kindness and self-sacrifice shine even brighter.

While the claim that all people are the same might sound nice and even have some validity, clearly some cultures experience higher rates of violence than others. That’s not an attempt to promote xenophobia or to demean anyone. It is just a statement of fact. Read the news – its just plain obvious.

Hence when we learn that a young girl who was forced by Muslims to be their sex slave was freed, only to be murdered by her brother when arriving home, the outrage cries out for a level of justice that might not even be achievable.

Here is her tragic story:

“A girl by the name of Kainaat was kidnapped by members of her own family in Pakistan before being sold off as a sex slave to a Muslim man and forced into prostitution in Lahore. Sadly, that was just the beginning for the then 12-year-old girl as she was sold from man to man to be used in whatever sick way her newest owner pleased.”

What we have here are a group of men who are deserving of the death penalty from a court. It’s hard to imagine a worse life for this young girl. Tragically, upon being freed, her life met a horrific end.

“When Kainaat’s father brought her back home for a long-awaited reunion, things took a terrifying turn. According to reports, the victimized girl’s brother, identified as Qaisar Khan, who just so happened to be a Muslim, didn’t like the fact that so many men had sexually used and abused his sister.”

No right thinking person would like the fact that so many men had abused this girl. But her brother is as bad or worse than her torturers. “Rather than take it out on the perverts responsible, he sought to right the wrong by ‘honor-killing’ his sister ‘for being a whore.'”

What do you say to this? The mind boggles at hideous cruelty piled on top of hideous cruelty.

One thing we can say, either all of Islam in all its forms condemns everything that happened to this girl as a twisted abhorrence, or Islam itself stands condemned. There are no other choices.

Source: Mad World News

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