AG Jeff Sessions Makes HISTORIC Announcement, Shuts Down Fake Russia News Scandal!

Well, the liberals may have won the battle, but conservatives will win the war on fake news.

The mainstream media will do whatever it takes to shut down any Republican. Since January, they have gone after the Trump administration and its alleged ties with Russia. First to go was National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, and the media loved that.

Now, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is next on their hit list. Sessions has now decided to recuse himself from the Russia investigation.

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From The New York Times:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, facing a chorus of criticism over his contacts with the Russian ambassador, recused himself Thursday from any current or future investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. His conversations with the ambassador, Sergey I. Kislyak, came amid suspected Russian hacking directed at Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Mr. Sessions said he made the decision after meeting with senior career officials at the Justice Department. He said he would not take part in any investigations “related in any way to the campaigns for president of the United States.”

He also strongly denied that any of his conversations with Russian officials were related to the presidential campaign. And he said he did not intend to deceive the Senate when he said he had no such meetings with Russian officials.

Let’s forget the fact that the mainstream media is ignoring every single connection that Bill and Hillary Clinton have had with Russia over the past thirty years. Let’s forget the fact that Hillary sold American land to Russia in order to add $145 million into her Clinton Foundation coffers.

Let’s also forget the fact that Obama was funneling money out of the Department of Justice and into his progressive activism campaigns.  And of course, Obama was hacking into the election systems in at least two key states, obviously trying to change the figures.

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When will this madness end? 

I cannot wait until the full findings of the Russia election investigation comes out, and we again have both Hillary and Barack to blame! And then, we can finally call the media out on their FAKE RUSSIA NEWS STORY!


Source: The New York Times

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