U.S. Senate Defies Obama 50-48…They Just Obliterated THIS Legacy — BOOM!

As the national nightmare known as the Obama administration retreats into the past, many of the elements of the misgovernment that he established are falling under the leadership of President Trump.

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While Obama is allegedly now trying to figure out how to manufacture a legacy he neglected to do while president, Mr. Trump and the Republican-led Congress are burying whatever Obama did create. And the US Senate just added one more nail to Obama’s legacy coffin!


Liberals appear to think that burying businesses under copious amounts of regulations and record-keeping requirements is a good thing. Freedom must frighten them, as their answer to every problem is to propose a new regulation or government agency. It would be stunning indeed to see a member of the left say, “You know, we have this problem here, and the best way to fix this one is to eliminate government involvement.”

The record-keeping requirements that government places on businesses are ridiculous, so it’s good news to see yet another one fall under the new Congress and administration. “The Republican-led Senate voted Wednesday to block an Obama-era rule that critics said would have led to more citations for workplace safety record-keeping violations. Senators voted 50-48 to block Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule. The House had voted to do so previously.”

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This regulation had nothing to do with improving safety, it was purely a record-keeping requirement:  “Employers are required to maintain a log of workplace injuries and illnesses that occur during a five-year span, but an employer may only be cited for failing to keep proper health and safety records within a six-month window. Critics said the Obama administration was trying to extend the penalty window to five years, describing the rule as ‘an unlawful power grab.'”

Like the “death of a thousand cuts,” one stupid regulation or record-keeping requirement is unlikely to sink a business. But if you pile on enough, the burden gets oppressive, cuts profits, and hence, the ability of firms to compete.

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Is the left just indifferent to the welfare of private business firms, or are they true to their Marxist roots, and want them destroyed?

It is virtually impossible to find any of Barack’s initiatives that strengthened our nation. Witness that Obama apologists such as Nancy Pelosi are driven to marginally-coherent babbling when interviewed on such matters. It’s pitiful, and often painful to watch.

While the Democrats struggle to recover from the last election and determine what their party will stand for besides Marxist economics and identity politics, the Republicans are moving forward, in the direction President Trump described during the campaign. The Senate just accomplished one more small step in the direction of national recovery.

Source: Townhall

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