Senate Republicans Fire Off New Immigration Bill, Now Muslim Migrants Are Sprinting For The Border

The visa lottery program under which our nation suffers is not a winner for the American people. It is one more crazy program designed to dump immigrants into our country without proper background checks. And we certainly do not need boatloads of terrorists being given permission to enter and remain in our country.

If you need an example of the failure of the visa lottery program, you need look no further than the Muslim terrorist who wreaked such havoc and cost so many lives recently in New York City. He was a beneficiary of that program. So much for bring peaceful folks to our country who can prosper and engage in productive work that is a benefit to our economy.

To counteract this, Republican Senator Kennedy has introduced a bill to eliminate this ridiculous program. Given the harm it has caused and the danger it presents going forward, this legislation cannot be passed and signed into law anytime too soon.

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“‘It would be hard to design an immigration process that is more irrational even if you tried,’ Kennedy told Breitbart News, just one week after a visa-lottery winner from Uzbekistan shouted ‘Allah Is Greater!’ as he used a rented truck to murder eight people in New York.

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Kennedy continued:

“‘We need to go to some sort of merit-based immigration, similar to Canada or Australia. The questions we ought to be asking — which the lottery program does not ask — are “Why do you want to come to America? Do you want to assimilate to America? Do you have any skills that will enhance our economy?” [Those are] the questions that any normal rational policymaker would be asking…'”

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No kidding. This idea emanating from the left that foreign citizens have some sort of right or are otherwise entitled to enter the US and stay here at will is preposterous. Not only that, it’s dangerous.

To look at the bigger picture, this crazy visa lottery and other leftist policies impacting immigration and promoting open borders are nothing more than steps on the way to eliminating the nation-state, or at least weakening its power in favor of globalist institutions. Given the danger that would pose to our freedoms protected by our Constitution, the open border, open immigration policies must be defeated.

Source: Breitbart

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